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TeamArete is proud to be able to review some of the excellent videos, books and other basketball teaching tools for the coaches and athletes who visit our site. You will find these reviews on this page. Please direct any request for a product you would like to see TeamArete review to and we will do our best to accommodate.


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5  Star   Must Have

4  Star   Highly Recommended

3  Star   Good

2  Star   Could be Better

1  Star   Disappointing



The Adjustable Match-Up Zone

By Joanne McCallie
Price: $39.95 per
Rating: 4 Stars

Coach McCallie has taken the Michigan State Women's Basketball program from 10 wins in the '00-'01 season to a runner-up finish in the 2005 NCAA National Championship game. In an energetic, 66-minute lecture-style setting, McCallie shares the 12 secret components to building her dominating Match-Up Zone defense, which helped fuel that amazing turn around. Her Match-Up Defense isn't a man-to-man defense nor is it a traditional zone defense, it is a hybrid of multiple defenses. McCallie's Match-Up Zone begins as a 1-2-2 set that utilizes both zone and man-to-man principles. She breaks down the defense, focusing on the player's responsibilities, along with multiple drills to teach the correct slides and rotations. She shares her three different sets of rules for her defense: Pass rules, dribble rules and high-post rules. McCallie also demonstrates the key defensive schemes the Spartans have used effectively in the Match-Up Zone. She demonstrates her innovative break down drills to prevent penetration, post development, and covering the three point shot. Coach McCallie concludes this video showing specific coverage against various offensive fronts and schemes, including 3 out 2 in, overloads, high-post flash, dribble entry and wing and point guard cuts. This is an excellent video on how to teach this unique and effective Match-Up Zone defense. McCallie stresses the importance of team building and how it will enhance your overall program development and how this will build a cohesive unit on and off the court.

I thought this video was very unique and I really enjoyed how Coach McCallie is able to “hide” this zone defense by different fronts and coverages. I would have liked to see the video add some more game footage but that is being picky. While I run a 1-1-3 zone as our base defense, this video gave me some ideas and teaching strategies that can make my zone, or your zone, even more successful.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

15 Drills for Rebounding

By Mark Gaffney, Five Star Basketball
Price: $39.95 per
Rating: 4 Stars

Coach Gaffney presents techniques and teaching points that will lead into drills for successful rebounding. To start, Gaffney demonstrates and drills the block out technique one-on-one. The back-to-back drill simulates the block out and is a competitive drill for both players. The purpose of the circle drill is to work on rebounding block out technique. One-on-one block out drill includes the close out, shot pressure, block out and the rebound. Moving to 2-on-2, the next drill puts a premium on blocking out and pursuing the ball. The cross block drill forces defenders to block out the player opposite them in the drill. The animal drill is worked on daily by Gaffney and develops desire, aggressiveness and a relentless attitude. Triangle rebounding drill is a 3-on-3 drill that uses two players in the corner and one player at the top of the key. It also progresses to 4-on-4 and 5-on-5. This drill is very game-like and can help establish excellent rebounding habits.

This has become my favorite rebounding video that I have seen. Not only does it have a lot of the old “standby’s” when it comes to rebounding drills, Coach Gaffney introduces you to a series of new breakdown drills and his concepts are sound and easy to adapt to your own teaching. Successful teams rebound the basketball and if your team is falling short in this area, this tape could very well help you get your program to the next level.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Dean Smith Defensive 2 Pack

By Dean Smith
Price: $89.95 set or $49.95 per
Rating: 5 Stars

In this SCRAMBLE DEFENSE VIDEO, Dean Smith's scramble system is a defensive weapon that changes tempo, forces turnovers and was a major factor in Dean Smith's success at UNC over the years. The main benefit of the scramble is that it forces the opponent out of their regular man-to-man offense. A prerequisite for employing the scramble defense is a solid, pressure man-to-man attack. Everything comes as a result of players understanding basic man-to-man pressure. In this new 123 minute video, Coach Smith begins with the 30 series - the run and jump attack that UNC has used successfully for decades. This is particularly effective after timeouts when the surprise factor is in the defense's favor. The 40 series is ignited after the first pass to either side of the floor. All players rotate to different positions and jam passing lanes for the errant pass. Both the 30 and 40 series can also be used all over the floor. Out-of-bounds situations, free throw situations, and defending the fast break are all covered by Smith. More than 50 vintage UNC game clips put the 30 and 40 series in action. Also, Smith takes to the floor in a classic, one-of-a-kind, on-the-floor clinic to demonstrate both defensive systems. The scramble defense has become a defensive standard in basketball across the globe, and now Coach Smith breaks down this time honored trapping defense step-by-step, which will allow you to easily implement it into your program!

In the POINT ZONE VIDEO, Coach Smith opens his "video vault" and welcomes you inside for an unprecedented look at the point zone. Fundamentally, the point zone is man-to-man pressure on the ball with a four-man zone in support. Disguising the defense is possible against baseline out-of-bounds plays and is a benefit of the point zone. Smith diagrams the two-man front to cover vulnerable areas along the baseline, the two-man trap against out-of-bounds plays and the 1-3-1 set. Rebounding coverage for guards is also thoroughly presented. Smith takes you through situational defensive coverages that come from years of experience with this zone. This segment will enhance your ability to adapt the zone to your team. This DVD is an incredible blend of today and yesterday and includes over 50 vintage game clips that highlight the great UNC teams and players through the years, as well as a classic, one-of-a-kind, on-the-floor clinic presentation by Coach Smith. In this 84 minute video, every movement and technique of the zone is demonstrated and explained. An absolute must for every basketball coach!

Whether you are a basketball historian or a coach looking to learn from one of the game’s best, these video’s are a must for your library. Coach Smith shows you how he revolutionized the game on the defensive end of the floor in these two videos and breaks both systems down in an easy to follow manner. Coaches, make these two videos an “early” Christmas present for yourself and your program.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Five Defensive Principles for Success

By Brian Gregory
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Coach Gregory focuses on his 'Flyer Five' - five keys to building a successful team defense. These five keys are transition defense, eliminate dribble splits, contest shots, block out and limit opponent to one shot, and take the opponent out of set plays. These five items serve as a guideline for building a practice plan every day. Gregory's program sends four to the offensive glass, yet getting back on defense to defend the goal. His favorite drill to develop this is the 3 Line Drill, which creates a 2-on-1 situation. Progressions to the drill expose your team to 3-on-2 and 4-on 3 situations. Moving to the half court, Gregory introduces a drill to prevent dribble splits. The goal is to get to your spot as the receiver catches the ball. Gregory presents two drills to work on contesting shots. Rebounding is a mentality that must be emphasized every day. Gregory hammers this mentality daily and is a part of every drill in practice. The final key is taking the opponent out of their set calls. Using three calls - Jam, Trap and Fire - the Flyers are able to initiate pressure with their defense. In a half court setting, he demonstrates drills to work on these three schemes. This is a unique way to present a total team defensive system.

Coach Gregory tapes and products are very underrated. While this tape won’t reinvent the wheel defensively, Coach Gregory, as always, offers plenty of insights and concepts that will challenge what you do on defense and what your team concepts are. If you are looking to improve how and what you teach, this video is a great place to start.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Duke Basketball - Agility & Conditioning Drills for Defense

By Mike Krzyzewski
Price: $44.95 per
Rating: 5 Stars

The drills on this 50-minute DVD will instill the discipline and mental toughness needed to make that critical defensive stop when you need it the most! Coach Krzyzewski has coached six National "Defensive Player of the Year" award winners and has coached some of the most successful and respected defensive-minded teams in basketball history. His defensive "system" has won over 700 games and has reached 10 NCAA "Final Fours" (to date). In this excellent video, Coach K takes the court at Cameron Indoor Stadium and teaches over 20 innovative drills and strategies designed to optimize your defensive tactics. These drills will teach your athletes how to force bad shots and turnovers by controlling the movement of the ball handler, guarding the passing lanes and challenging shooters. Your players will sharpen all of their defensive skills while challenging themselves mentally and physically.

These vital drills will get your team in great physical shape and in position to handle any game - home or away. These techniques will help with transition defense, shutting down perimeter and post players, increasing ball pressure and building weak-side defense awareness. Coach Krzyzewski focuses on keeping the drills competitive and enthusiastic, which in turn gets athletes to concentrate and builds team camaraderie. Furthermore, Coach K will help you learn how to accentuate these excellent drills to simulate and rehearse what will happen at the defensive end of the court. All of these drills can be used throughout the season to maintain proper defensive stance and intensity. This outstanding video is a must for any age and competitive level of play. Coach K will help you accomplish your goals!

Simply put, this is one of the best videos of its kind that we have seen here at TeamArete. The workouts can be implemented to compliment your practice schedule or utilized as part of your fall and summer workout program. Either way, this video is sure to give you some great basketball conditioning ideas!!!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Duke Basketball - Developmental Drills for Perimeter Players

By Mike Krzyzewski
Price: $44.95 per
Rating: 5 Stars

Coach Mike Krzyzewski and Associate Head Coach Johnny Dawkins give you an "inside look" at Duke's intense workout for perimeter players. The Duke basketball program has a reputation for unparalleled individual improvement using these competitive and innovative drills. Dawkins highlights four areas in this 48-minute effective workout: warm-up, defense drills, transition shooting drills and offense drills. The workout emphasizes the ability to create and convert open shots, get open on the wing, use screens, and catch and shoot in transition. Along with ball handling drills, Dawkins includes a multitude of shooting drills that will cover the proper shooting stance and the most effective way to catch the ball to make your shooting more accurate and efficient. There is no one better on the court than Coach Dawkins to teach these outstanding drills. As a player, Dawkins finished his college career at Duke as the school's all-time leading scorer (2,556 points). In addition, Coach Dawkins shares insightful detail about playing effective defense on the wing. Duke Basketball's effective practice regimen has been a large part of the success of the Duke teams over the years, which includes seven "National Player of the Year" award recipients for Duke. The drills in this workout can be incorporated into individual workouts or a competitive practice environment and are appropriate for all ages.

The advantage of this video is that it covers both the offensive and defensive elements of playing on the perimeter. The fact that both aspects of the game are covered gives this video a slight nod over many others and is worthy of adding to your library collection.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Secrets of Winning Basketball, Volume 1 and 2

By Hubie Brown
Price: $39.95 per
Rating: 5 Stars

Prepare yourself to learn from one of the legends of basketball coaching in this comprehensive instructional video! Hubie Brown shares his secrets and experiences from over 30 years of successful basketball coaching at the high school, college, and professional levels. Brown provides a rare look inside the Memphis Grizzlies playbook which helped the Grizzlies produce a 24 game, one year turnaround and earned Coach Brown NBA Coach of the Year honors for the 2003-2004 season.

In the 90-minute Volume 1 video, Brown challenges you to evaluate over 30 special situations that you may face in a season. He includes pre-practice structure, zone offense, out-of-bounds, and special situations. He covers the 1-2-2 press, situational coaching, press breaks, transition offense, flex offense and options, pick and roll, defending, bumping, and using screens, post-play, shooting drills, defensive strategy, and much more. Coach Brown also stresses the importance of playing the percentages both offensively and defensively and how this will help put your team in a position to win.

In "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume II, Coach Brown dives deeper into the fundamentals, drills, techniques, and philosophy that will improve your players' overall basketball development and skills. This is a behind-the-scenes look at how a Hubie Brown practice runs, and you will see the "whole-part-whole" process of teaching individual and team drills and fundamentals in this 84-minute video. Coach Brown shares more than 30 drills to improve your players' skills and abilities through a progressive drill series. Included are drills for post-play positioning, moves, and defense; rebounding, outlet passing, press breaks, transition offense, aggressive defensive block drills, high percentage shooting, ball denial, spacing and bumping, and all-in-one offensive/defensive drills. He puts strong emphasis on getting high percentage shots using drills, shot charts, and offensive coaching philosophy. Coach Brown also shares what he calls "the best conditioning drill ever," which is thoroughly demonstrated and explained; this drill will challenge every player's mental and physical toughness. You will learn how to maximize your practices by being organized, prepared, and full of energy!

With a remarkable look into the mind of one of the legends of the game, you will learn how to put players in position to be effective at all times through hard work and preparation. These videos will stimulate you, philosophically and fundamentally, in the game of basketball and is a "must-have" for every coach at every level!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Duke Basketball Attacking the Zone

By Mike Krzyzewski
Price: $44.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

In an energetic and information-packed on-court presentation, Coach Krzyzewski explains the zone offense and principles he uses in attacking a half-court zone defense. Krzyzewski believes the secret to effective zone offense is to keep it simple by running one highly effective offense that can be utilized against even the most potent defenses. Coach Krzyzewski has designed a zone offense that is easy to implement and impossible to stop! In addition, Coach K shares the five major components of this efficient offense when invading the zone. Coach K teaches all of these principles in-depth and provides numerous drills for attacking the 2-1-2 and 1-2-2 zone. This 40 - minute video is essential for any coach interested in learning how to execute Coach K's simple offense and the best, most efficient way to breakdown a zone defense.

This is one of the better zone offense videos that I've come across. While this video doesn't present a continuity type of offense, Coach K does a great job in breaking down how to beat a zone and showcasing many of the options a team and a coach has to get their players good shots. If you are looking for some great zone tips and ways to expand your offensive attack, this is a good video to have in your library.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Duke Basketball Developmental Drills for Point Guards

By Mike Krzyzewski
Price: $44.95
Rating: 5 Stars

Duke has been home to some of the best point guards in the country and they have all studied and practiced the developmental drills presented in this excellent production. Coach Krzyzewski provides the overview and background for each section and Duke assistant coach Chris Collins teaches the drills and techniques on the court. This workout includes warm-up drills, defense drills, transition shooting drills and offense drills to create a complete point guard workout. The ultimate goals of this program are to get point guards comfortable with the ball, to build passion and understanding for the role of the point guard, and to create a "coach on the floor" mentality. Collins implements 10 drills that are built around ball handling, distributing the ball and controlling the tempo of the game. These innovative tactics and techniques encompass a variety of areas of guard play, including: shooting, transition, and screening. All of the drills are run in a game-like/competitive setting, stress the importance of communication and leadership, and build on the fundamental needs of a point guard. This will help your point guards become "an extension of you" on the court where making the correct decision at the right moment is crucial!

This is one of our favorite videos at TeamArete. The drills alone make this a great video but the true value of this particular video is the idea that this can be shown to all of your guards to maximize value and teaching efficiency. Use this video to build "coaches on the floor" in your program.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

100 Trips – The Full Court Workout

By Forrest Larson
Price: $29.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Forrest Larson, the author of Take It To The Rim, has taken the skills taught in that video and put them in a full-court workout for all players. Larson demonstrates a series of 25 sets of full-court trips that allow players to develop their ballhandling skills in game-like conditions. This workout can be done in two sets of 50 trips or in one workout that lasts about 45 minutes. This is an intense and advanced workout for players who love the game. The workout lasts for about 45 minutes but can be done in two sets of 50 trips. Skill level, conditioning and mental toughness are all tested and improved by using the 100 Trips workout.

You can order any of Forrest Larson’s videos by visiting his website at

PRIDE (A Coach’s Handbook) and Skills and Drills

By Coach Barry Kipnes
Price: $14.95 & $1.75
Rating: 4 Stars

One of the hardest aspects of coaching is learning how to manage the “non-coaching” elements of the profession. For years, coaches have sought out informational material to help them sort out the problems that can arise off the court. Pride+ A Coach's Handbook is such a book. It is not sport-specific but instead is a book for coaches and athletic administrators for all sports and at all levels (from youth to middle school to high school and even to junior college and division 3). One of the goals of PRIDE+ is to free up coaches and administrators to work on the core areas of their jobs. For coaches, this means more time for player development, team execution, X's and O's, strategy and tactics, practice organization, scouting, and game preparation. For athletic administrators, this means more time for the budget, equipment, facility & storage issues, and scheduling.

PRIDE+ A Coach's Handbook is a book that can definitely help coaches with their individual programs and administrators with their overall multi-sport programs. Simply fill out the form and mail it with your check. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If you do not feel it can help you, you can even send it back for a full refund.

Skills and Drills: The Fundamentals of Basketball and Much More is a 24-page booklet that serves as a practice guide for developing players. The booklet is ideal for boys and girls, ages 8 to 18, and is a handy guide for youth basketball coaches. All fundamentals are covered and drills are provided to help the young player improve in all skill areas. What makes the booklet unique is that all drills can be done alone. This way, a youngster can practice and improve at his or her own pace.

I highly recommend both books. Skills and Drills is a great way to teach fundamentals to young kids and would serve as a great giveaway item for coaches who run youth camps. PRIDE is simple a must have addition to any coach’s library. There is no aspect the book doesn’t cover and will provide any coach and administrator with time tested techniques to handle any issue that can come about when working in the field of athletics.

You can order the books by contacting the author at

Innovative Two Ball Shooting Drills

By Ganon Baker
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Ganon Baker is quickly becoming the game's next true "Innovator." He has trained over 2,500 players while traveling the world. Baker is always in search of the next teaching concept that will push skills to the next level. In this fantastic new DVD, Ganon Baker explores new ground in this innovative, two ball shooting drill video designed to reinforce repetition and shooting in competitive, game-like situations. Both the screener and the cutter's responsibilities are demonstrated and explained. Baker details teaching points for the screener to get teammates open and also highlights opportunities for the screener to get open. This is accomplished by teaching the screener to open up, early or late slip, roll or pop. To create space and openings for scoring opportunities, Baker demonstrates a curl cut, the "bump" and a misdirection cut. The third cog in the motion shooting wheel is passing. Baker teaches passers to drop their hips, elbow behind the basketball and to lock the elbow when passing. Baker also shows how reading the defense is crucial. Keys to reading the defense are popping out for a shot when the screener is caught. By incorporating these cutter and screener concepts, Baker creates challenging drills for self-improvement. The cone shooting drill teaches cutting with change of speeds. The "America's Play" and "UCLA cut" are used to break down screen and shooting options. The back door drills helps players read pressure defense by cutting to the basket. The ball screen is an important of part of today's offenses. Baker dissects options from the ball screen for offensive opportunities. Another two ball drill is created for the shooter and screener after an on ball screen. Any player who wants to get more shots by reading the defense can improve by employing tips from this excellent presentation.

55 minutes. 2006.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Perfecting the Art of Ball Handling

By Ganon Baker
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

"Basketball Evangelist," Ganon Baker, takes his message and passion all over the world. His energy is dedicated to developing basketball skills in young men and women. Baker teaches drills in three segments, starting with form and advancing to speed and contact. As players work on form, they are encouraged to expand their game by moving out of their comfort zone. Improvement is based on the mistakes that come from pushing your game beyond comfortable limits. All of the teaching in this DVD will make kids confident and comfortable with the ball so that the ball becomes an extension of their hand. Good ball handling is the foundation of a players' developing game. The Form Series encompasses 24 stationary drills including ball wraps, triangle, knife, pound dribbles, WNBA dribble moves, wall and tennis ball drills. Next, ball handling is put into action in the Drive segment. Two partner drills are demonstrated that teach players to get close to defenders before making contact and driving by. The "body dribble" is illustrated as the key to dribbling past defenders and is incorporated into many of the drills. The action extends to the full court in the Jordan Maze drill and the "tip drill." These drills are applicable to all coaches and use cones on the floor to guide the dribbler. The Circle drill is a unique drill that focuses on dribbling and one-on-one play. All of the drills in this DVD will help players become better scorers by getting by the defense and putting pressure on the defense. This exceptional DVD makes a huge statement about building a foundation, which starts with handling the ball and will help build individual and team ball handling skills, teamwork and communication.

66 minutes. 2006.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

The 70-Minute Player Development Workout

By Geno Auriemma
Price: $39.95
Rating: 3 Stars

Auriemma presents an effective workout that breaks down specific aspects of the game into drills that build quality, well-rounded players in this 70-minute video. In his 20+ years as a head coach, Auriemma has used skill development workouts to develop some of the best women's basketball players in the history of the college game including eight future Olympians, 10 1st team All-Americans, 12 Big East "Player of the Year" winners and six National "Player of the Year" winners. In this energetic on-court demonstration, Coach Auriemma highlights the importance of communication, taking good shots and creating movement within an offense. To illustrate these principles, Auriemma has devised 20 drills that provide the foundation for building a championship team. He begins by demonstrating full-court drills that work on long and short outlet passing, lay-ups, chest passes, jump stops and, most importantly, communication; all key elements in running an effective fastbreak. Auriemma also incorporates half-court drills that focus on shooting, lay-ups off of penetration, pick-and-roll, post moves, working off screens and more! Auriemma's demonstrations are easy to follow and generate quick results. This is a great investment for coaches at any level who want build the fundamental skills necessary for an effective offense!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Training in the Triple Threat - 34 Ways to Create Space

By Ganon Baker
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Ganon Baker has done it again!! Coming off the success of his two "best seller" videos; 35 Street Moves You Can Use and 22 Game Time Drills to Make it Happen, Baker adds to his series with Training in the Triple Threat - 34 Ways to Create Space. In on-the-court demonstration with three players of different skill levels, Baker goes through 34 moves out of the "Triple Threat" position. In this video, Baker himself goes through each drill step-by-step and slows each drill down to show you the proper technique. Every coach has taught the "Triple Threat" position before; but Baker puts a whole new spin on the Triple Threat with his innovative moves and drills. Baker relates each series of drills in this video to a current or former NBA player. Ganon Baker ends the video by listing the 5 qualities that he preaches to his players everyday: Intensity, Consistency, Persistence, Faith, and Love.

The Ganon Baker series are some of the best individual instruction tapes on the market today. Coaches at all levels would be wise to add these videos to their library as Baker does a fantastic job in simplifying the game while emphasizing correct techniques.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

3-2 Zone Defense, Drills and More

By Jim Foster
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Jim Foster is truly the "coaches coach" - in fact, several of his former assistant coaches have gone on to make a tremendous impact in the women's college game, including: Geno Auriemma (UConn), Muffet McGraw (Notre Dame), Deb Patterson (K-State) and Cindy Griffin (St. Joe's). This innovative 54-minute DVD covers the 3-2 zone, free throw shooting, no-hands defense, pressure shooting, and transition drills - all in one presentation! Foster gives his players their best chance to win by devising defenses that maximize team effectiveness. Whether his team plays man-to-man, zone or a junk defense, the end result is usually successful. Because of a focus on physical play in today's game, he installed a no-hands defense that has drastically reduced fouling. Zone defense is a big part of Ohio State's success, featuring 1-1-3, match-up and the 3-2 zone. Foster thoroughly breaks down the 3-2 zone showing slides, post defense, rebounding, high post coverage and ball pressure. He uses players and chairs to illustrate key teaching points. A huge proponent of applying shot pressure, all of his drills focus on that concept. In other areas of this DVD, Foster demonstrates competitive team free throw games, adding game-like pressure to shooters. Fosters demonstrates his love for transition by showing his two favorite transition drills. Applicable to all levels of play, these drills build from 2-on-1 up to 5-on-5.

There aren’t many 3-2 zone tapes available and as such, this could very well be the very best one of a limited number. Coach Foster does an excellent job of walking you through the slides and adjustments of his 3-2 zone. Once you watch this video, you will have a clear understanding of not only how to run this type of zone defense, but how to attack it as well!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Attacking Footwork Drills for Perimeter Players

By Jay Wright
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Jay Wright's unique ability to teach proper fundamentals and footwork is key to the national success of his Villanova program. All of his players, regardless of their position, use the skills they learn in practice to gain an edge over powerful opponents in the Big East. Wright defines four major scoring areas on the floor: wing, prime time (block), mid-post (off block), and slot (high post) positions. Because his players come from different backgrounds and systems, his ability to instill solid footwork into all his players is impressive. His motto is that "Players must be comfortable on either foot" so his workouts focus on pivoting on both the inside and the outside foot from both sides of the floor and why both are important. Wright demonstrates his Jab Series which creates potent scoring options from anywhere on the floor. Taught with or without the use of a screen, this series forms the bedrock for perimeter effectiveness at Villanova. A compliment to the Jab Series is the Swing Series that incorporates the reverse pivot, bully move and two-footed hop jumpers. Jay Wright's 50-minute instruction will greatly enhance your team's ability to attack on offense and score more points.

This video is part of the multiple DVD set in which Jay Wright teaches the Villanova breakdown series, which emphasizes proper footwork, good shooting habits and effective use of counter moves. This tape is an excellent resource for coaches who are looking to “reinvent” their individual workouts and make their players stronger scoring threats.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

28 Competitive Drills for Shooting and Footwork

By Jay Wright
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

Villanova University basketball has reached a new level of excitement under Coach Jay Wright. His attention to detail and repetition allow his teams to compete with the nation's best programs. A strong believer in footwork and balance, Wright consistently incorporates these into every shooting drill as he guides you through the entire shooting progression with this on-court presentation. This 84-minute DVD is packed with 28 valuable drills that show why Villanova a dangerous offensive club every year in the powerful Big East. Using warm-up and technique drills, game drills, and free throw drills, he teaches and describes fundamentals and teaching points. Practice begins with set lifts to reinforce proper technique. "Keeping the elbow under the ball" is emphasized in the Bradley drill. The Mikan and reverse Mikan drills develops touch around the basket. A staple in the Villanova system is seen in the one- and two-step shooting sequence, which relies on proper footwork. V-cuts, rebounding, and shooting are combined in three man, two ball shooting drills. In all of the drills, a big emphasis is put on good, crisp passing. Wright believes in game-like, competitive shooting as he progresses through practice. Because confidence is the key to free throw shooting, the Wildcats work on free throw consistency throughout this video. Ultimately, game situations challenge players to build their confidence from the free throw line. During competitive drills, Wright preaches to his players to "set up quick, shoot slow". The two ball drill segment combines the screener and cutter as they build parts of motion offense into shooting drills. Four cutting options are presented after screens: Curl cut, back cut, out cut, and the straight cut. These drills increase the ability for each player to shoot from all spots on the floor, making the team balanced and difficult to defend. A great video for solid footwork and competitive shooting drills!

This video is part of the multiple DVD set in which Jay Wright teaches the Villanova breakdown series, which emphasizes proper footwork, good shooting habits and effective use of counter moves. This tape is an excellent resource for coaches who are looking to “reinvent” their individual workouts and make their players stronger scoring threats. This tape is my favorite of the Jay Wright series and is one of the best videos of its kind on the market.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

The Art of Coaching

By Dr. Carolyn Savoy
Price: $22.00 (US), $25.00 (Canada)
Rating: 5 Stars

Dr. Carolyn Savoy, Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Dalhousie University in Canada has used her experiences as a coach and her private interviews with 16 coaches with 381 years experience to come up with a book that belongs on the shelf of coaches at any level. Having observed the University of Tennessee Head Women’s coach, Pat Summitt, Dr. Savoy is no stranger to successful programs and winning coaches. Included in 80+ page book are chapters on leadership, team goal setting, team communication and team chemistry. All told, the nine chapters of the book gives the reader insights from some of the games top coaches, sprinkled with some of Dr. Savoy’s experiences as well.

The Art of Coaching is a book that is filled with dozens of helpful hints and suggestions. Having owned the book for only a few months, I have found that my book has become worn and tattered as I frequently turn to it’s pages for ideas. Dr. Savoy’s book is extremely well done and already, a favorite in my library!

For more information, you can contact Dr. Savoy at or you can visit the website,

The 10 Best Practice Drills Ever

By Brian Gregory
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

In his new 81-minute video, Coach Gregory shares the "Super Ten", a time tested set of offensive and defensive drills that have produced great players and championship teams. The drills on this video are utilized at every University of Dayton practice. The five best defensive drills lay the foundation for team and individual defense through repetition and hard work. Gregory shares his defensive philosophy by detailing the Five Defensive Components that guide his defensive teaching including: elbow/block coverage, protect the scoring area, give early help, contest shots, and contesting the pass and pressuring the ball. An emphasis is put on sprinting to the ball, close outs, defending the post, covering ball screens, and 5-on-4 scramble. Each defensive action, or drill, is beneficial in multiple ways.

Getting players open for good shots is the focus of the best five offensive drills. These drills are flexible enough to run against man and zone defenses. To complement each action displayed, Coach Gregory then illustrates a set play using that action. This DVD highlights the double away action, I-action, roll and replacement action, Princeton action, and screen-the-screener action.

The entire video is an excellent and even the most time tested coach can find something useful in the drill section of this DVD. However, the best part of Gregory's video is the offensive action series where he shows 5 actions to add to your offense and adds some sets to help you get going. This video is a staple in our library here at TeamArete and I'm sure it will be for you as well.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

The Aggressive 1-1-3 Zone Defense

By Terri Mitchell
Price: $39.95
Rating: 5 Stars

In this instructional 71-minute DVD, Coach Mitchell introduces you to the innovative 1-1-3 Zone Defense, the same zone defense Mitchell has used in leading her teams to five NCAA Tournament appearances. Mitchell begins by giving each defensive player an assignment and demonstrates the defensive responsibilities that allow the zone to run effectively. She highlights the importance of protecting the paint and defending the corner. Mitchell takes you through the keys to this zone: ball pressure, movement, rotation and anticipation. In addition to the outstanding drills such as 5-1-4 Set, String Concept, 2-1-2 Set and Rover & Ball Hawk Communication, Mitchell outlines five highly potent trapping tactics and techniques. This video is perfect for any team because it is easy to install, has basic and simple principles, allows for a defender to be in the face of the offensive player at all times, prevents easy baskets from baseline outs-of-bounds situations and will break up a team's offensive rhythm.

As a coach that has run the 1-1-3 zone for years, I believe that this video, along with the time tested "Blizzard Defensive" tape from Joe McKeown, are the best on the market today in terms of teaching this defense and all of its wrinkles. Coach Mitchell does an excellent job in breaking down the defense, showing her entire trapping series and providing drills to teach this defense effectively. The belief you have in your team will help them to win and this video will help you and your team gain confidence in their abilities to compete.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

15 Competitive Shooting Drills

By Phil Martelli
Price: $39.95
Rating: 5 Stars

Coach Phil Martelli demonstrates his favorite and most effective drills to enhance your shooting abilities to the utmost performance. Martelli begins this 78-minute video by outlining the key elements to having effective practices, such as making everything competitive and devoting a major part of your practice schedule to timed, competitive shooting. Next Coach Martelli shares 15 competitive shooting drills that will help you challenge your players to become better shooters with every shot. Each drill incorporates competition, intensity and conditioning while emphasizing and maintaining proper shot preparation and technique. In 2004, Martelli had one of the best shooting teams in the NCAA history and coached the Naismith Award winner. These 15 drills were instrumental in building a competitive fire in their everyday practice environment. Included in this video are the Pitino Drill, Catch and Go Drill, Ten Drill, Pig Drill, Princeton Drill, California Shooting Drill, Rapid Fire Shooting Drill and more. This wide variety of drills includes precise coaching points to develop quick, powerful and fundamentally sound players. Coach Martelli shares the secrets to putting athletes in shooting drills that are game like, under stress and at game speed. These drills are fundamental in building Martelli's team program into one of the most successful programs in the country. These individual and team drills are designed to challenge every player, build confidence in their shooting skills and improve your team's work ethic.

Martelli’s tapes are simply fantastic and this one does not disappoint. Not only is the tape full of great drills and teaching tips, the fact that it is 78 minutes long makes it a rare breed for such a “small” topic. These drills are fast paced and provide and excellent shooting workout for those involved. This one should be a staple in your library!!!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Wildcat Spread Offense

By Harry Perretta
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

Coach Perretta has relied on his spread offense to produce consistent scoring and team success. Through changes and trends in the game, this balanced half-court offense has remained effective for Wildcat teams. Based on low risk passing, this offense generates numerous shot opportunities with few turnovers. Though it doesn't force many fouls, this finesse offense will test any defense with its constant movement and passing, especially late in the game! From the 1-2-2 set, entries can be made four different ways; screen down, pin and pop, back screen/flare/pop out, curl and replace. Basic to this offense is the fact that players are interchangeable. Cutting, filling spots on the floor, screening and ball movement are all elements of this spread offense. Reads are important to this offense and are fully explained and demonstrated in this on-court session. Perretta includes numerous breakdown drills to teach the offense. While drills are important, scrimmaging constitute 75% of Perretta's practices. In live scrimmages, players must react instinctively and learn how to play, how to expose the defense, and gain insight into their teammates. This offense is easy to teach and easy for players to execute. It will lend flexibility, shot opportunities and confidence to your team. Coaches at all levels will want to invest time into this unique half-court offense that has yielded success for nearly 30 years!

A very unique offense that is really a 5 out offense. For coaches who lack a post player but like cutting and screening action, this video could very well be what you are looking for. The “Wildcat Spread Offense” is designed to get your team looks inside to cutters as well as to your perimeter shooters who are dicing up the weakside of the defense at all times. This is a video that is sure to get you thinking as this offense provides some unique simplicity to your offensive attack!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

The Intangibles for Building a Championship Program

By Jack Bennett
Price: $39.95
Rating: 3 Stars

Finally, Coach Jack Bennett reveals the blueprint that every coach needs to develop a championship basketball program. Most games are won or lost before you step on the court. This instructional 40-minute DVD teaches that building a complete team means you must coach the mental and emotional aspects of the game, not just the physical. His intangibles are the common threads that have led to Coach Bennett's success, including two straight National Championships. They have taught his players not to beat themselves and to deliver when the pressure is greatest. This video is packed full of Coach Bennett's insights and knowledge that he has gained from his 33 years of coaching that are essential and extremely valuable for all coaches. Some of the intangibles he teaches are: "you do not control your own destiny . you control the things that impact destiny," "know who you are as a player and a coach," "soundness and substance over flash and style," "serve one another" and many more! Teams come and go every year . Coach Bennett's intangibles teach you how to build a program. The formula for your program's success is held within this presentation!

Recently retired, Jack Bennett is one of the game's best coaches and the brother of Dick Bennett. This video offers many great ideas and tips!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

The 55 Full-Court Pressure Defense

By Vivian Stringer
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

Vivian Stringer has proven to be one of the all-time best coaches in collegiate basketball with more than 700 career wins in her 30+year career! A large part of Coach Stringer's success as a coach has come from her aggressive and intense style of defense, including full-court pressure defense.

Stringer has used full-court pressure defense for decades to overwhelm and frustrate opponents and to score more effectively. Using on-court demonstrators, Stringer outlines all of the important elements, Xs and Os, rules and drills to best utilize her "55" full-court pressure defense in this 77-minute video. Stringer systematically builds this pressure defense as she walks through each player's positioning, responsibilities and rules in great detail. This defense is used to cause turnovers, create fast breaks, control game tempo and increase scoring opportunities with an aggressive, trapping style, which easily transitions into half-court man or zone defense. This defense will get all your players involved in the game and make your team better both defensively and offensively!

This video is very unique. The 55 full-court pressure defense is part man-to-man and part zone defense. Your team is actually playing a different defense on both sides of the floor yet the defense is surprisingly easy to learn and teach. Make no mistake, this is not a “gimic” defense. The 55 full-court pressure defense is grounded in the fundamentals and regardless of the type of pressure defense you like to run, you will find some key teaching elements in this video.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

The Pressure 1-1-3 Zone Defense

By Bob Huggins
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

Known for his aggressive and physical defense, Coach Bob Huggins takes you inside his intimidating Pressure 1-1-3 Zone Defense with this 70-minute DVD. Using on-court demonstrators, he shows how the defense is set up, where to push the ball, how to defend on the ball side and weak side of the court, how to rotate on skip passes, how to trap on the baseline, and shows the slides. In addition, Huggins teaches and demonstrates the three things that hurt a defense and how the 1-1-3 combats all three. Putting it all together, he demonstrates the defense 5-on-5 against live offense. The Pressure 1-1-3 Zone Defense is why Bob Huggins is known as one of the greatest defensive coaches in the country. With this DVD, you can implement this dominating defense into your system!

While I have never been a big fan of videos by Coach Huggins, this video is well done and is full of great teaching points. Coach Huggins’ analysis of popular defensive terms and techniques forces you as a coach to evaluate your own points of emphasis and teaching methods. The defense itself is simply to teach and to learn and I highly recommend this video to coaches at all levels.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Championship “Gap” Man-To-Man and Sliding Zone Defense

By Jack Bennett
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

Jack Bennett will run whatever defense is needed to win a basketball game; this philosophy has led his teams to back-to-back NCAA D-III Basketball Championships. In this 70-minute DVD, Coach Bennett details his man-to-man "gap" defense and his two basic zone defenses. He reveals the four goals of his gap defense and shows how these goals are accomplished. Bennett teaches the proper positioning of players, how to help and recover, how to defense the post, how to double team, and provides drills to help develop this championship caliber defense. Coach Bennett slows the pace of a game with his 1-3-1 zone defense and is able to easily double team the post and cover the perimeter using his 3-2 sliding zone. When the post is doubled and the perimeter is blanketed, you have effectively controlled the offense. Coach Bennett outlines and demonstrates all of the necessities for running these tough zone defenses. These defenses are an absolute necessity for any coach who wants to make a championship run! Included is game footage that highlights how dominant these three defenses can be!

Though sharing different defensive philosophies, Jack is similar to his brother Dick, head coach at Washington State, in that both use precise terminology to get their message across. The video introduces several basic drills with interesting twists while the defenses themselves are effectively unusual. A great video by one of the games best teachers!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Building a Tenacious Full Court Pressure Defense

By Andy Landers
Price: $39.95
Rating: 5 Stars

University of Georgia's Coach Landers has used, and recommends using, the full court press for one reason - because most other teams don't! He thinks that if you practice, and perfect, the full court press, not only will your team be able to harass the other team, you will be able to break any pressure they put on you.

In this excellent 78-minute presentation (filmed at one of the largest demonstration clinics in the US), Coach Landers shares 8 effective drills to perfect your full court pressure. He divides the court into three areas and teaches you different ways to pressure each area. With the help of on-screen graphics and on-court demonstrators, Landers demonstrates each drill first and then lets you see it at full speed. The drills start with 1 on 1 and move up to more complex, 5 on 5 drills, that help players learn the full court press. The drills shown in this video, and the building blocks for the press that Coach Landers demonstrates, are essential for any press. Whether you run a 2-2-1, 1-2-2, 1-2-1-1, or a Run and Jump full court press, this material can help you with positioning, spacing, ball pressure, and help defense.

This is one of the best teaching videos I’ve seen on the subject of pressuring the basketball. Coach Landers does a great job using fundamentals and terminology to teach key concepts. The drills are basic in concept, but each have a wrinkle that any coach would be wise to implement to make their drills more effective. Two of my favorite aspects of the video is how Coach Landers teaches the weakside defenders to support the ball and how simply he breaks down the Run and Jump full court defense. This video will be a staple in my library and I recommend that you add it to yours as well.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

8 Essential Defensive Drills

By Geno Auriemma
Price: $39.95
Rating: 3 ˝ Stars

Coach Auriemma used his swarming half-court defense to blanket offenses, holding opposing teams to 35% field goal percentage in the 2003-2004 season. In 8 Essential Defensive Drills, Auriemma teaches the drills he uses to build a dominating defense and shares his proven philosophy on half-court defense.

The intensive on-court demonstrations of these drills will provide a concise guide for how to use them in your everyday practice plan. These energetic drills highlight the rotations and responsibilities of every player on the court. Auriemma emphasizes the importance of close-outs, the block-out, ball pressure, and demonstrates variations of 4-on-4, 6-on-4, and 8-on-5 shell drills.

In this 54-minute video, you will learn the basic movements required when playing man-to-man, along with how to guard the ball in full- and half-court situations. Coach Auriemma teaches the fundamental skills that can raise your defense's level of play!

This is a solid teaching video but it might be best utilized by coaches who are in the early stages of their coaching career. Some might find the drills and teaching points to be basic…still Coach Auriemma does present some material and concepts that can be utilized by coaches at all levels. I think the progressive drills that are covered in this drill can certainly help build your defensive system, especially if you prefer to pressure the ball defensively.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

The 2-2-1 Press

By Jim Calhoun
Price: $39.95
Rating: 5 Stars

Coach Jim Calhoun outlines the pressure defense which has led the Huskies to national prominence and an NCAA Championship! Unlike most pressure defenses, Calhoun's 2-2-1 focuses on pressuring the ball down the sideline in the back court, reserving traps until the ball has passed half court. Demonstrations include: secondary trapping, ball denial on the inbound pass, soft pressure to slow tempo, middle denial, and sideline recovery traps. 2-on-2 and 2-on-4 drills reinforce trapping responsibilities. 1-on-2 "alley drills" teach players to communicate on defense. This versatile defense allows your team to press and create turnovers without giving up defensive position!

This 42-minute video is one of the best teaching press videos I've come across in quite some time. Coach Calhoun does an outstanding job not only teaching the various points of the court where traps can occur, he teaches the concepts that allow players to bounce back into press shape after countering several offensive maneuvers. The drills that are utilized are simple to follow and are easy to teach to your own players. However, the best part of the tape are those minute teaching points that the best coaches in the game always present…Coach Calhoun certainly fits the bill there!

Coaches, if you are looking to implement the 2-2-1 press next year, or looking for a video that provides key teaching points you can utilize with your own team, this is a video that will become a staple on your shelf!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Lute Olson: 1-1-3 and 1-3-1 Match-Up Zone Defenses

By Lute Olson
3 ˝ Stars

Coach Olson shares dozens of his tips, techniques, and drills for making these two defenses an unbelievable addition to their stifling man-to-man defense in this 70-minute video. Olson shares his extensive philosophy regarding when and why to use each one of these defenses, including the perfect time to use these in a game situation to change the flow, strategy, and momentum of the game. He demonstrates all of the guard and frontline drills for both of these defenses including individual as well as team instruction. In addition, Coach Olson gives a detailed account of each player's responsibilities outlining key concepts such as communication, controlling penetration, protecting inside-out, long and short slide, and other key components. An extensive part of this video is spent on rebounding out of both the 1-1-3 and 1-3-1 Match-Up Zones to ensure that all of your hard work pays off by dominating the boards. Coach Olson gives you a detailed presentation on special situations such as: covering overloads, baseline runners, high-post flash, dribble-overs, and cutters down and through the defense. This defense is perfect for changing the tempo of a game, creating turnovers, or simply accompanying your basic man-to-man defense.

While this isn't the best video that I've seen on match-up zone principles, it is a very informative tape by one of the games legendary coaches. I would have preferred to have seen more drill work involved in the presentation, but the setup was designed to introduce the defenses involved and the key concepts necessary to know to make these defenses work! If you are looking to add a match-up zone to your defensive system this upcoming season, Coach Olson's video is a good place to turn to.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Defensive Transition

By Mike Dunlap
5 Stars

Mike Dunlap, Head Coach of the Metro State Roadrunners in Denver, continues his string of outstanding videos with his newest 50-minute video on defensive transition. This video takes a look at one of the most valuable, yet under taught, aspects of the game. Coach Dunlap begins by breaking down defensive transition into seven key areas: Floor Balance, Stopping the Ball, Spring Back, Match Up, Rotation, Contesting All Shots, and Rebounding. Each of these areas are covered on the white board with expert coaching insight.

The video also covers three transition drills, which are demonstrated in the video. The 4 in a Line, 5 in a Line and the 5 on 5 circle drills are all designed to teach the key components of defensive transition using the whole part methodology of teaching. Each of these drills are easy to follow and they are all competitive which allows for better effort and retention of the material.

The best aspect of this video, just as in all of his videos, are the coaching tips that the video shares. His ideas are based on careful evaluation of the game and Coach Dunlap isn't afraid to go against the traditional norms when teaching key concepts to his team. For instance, Coach Dunlap states that it is acceptable for players to leave their feet if it means getting a hand up in the shot pocket because it is more important to lower the odds of the shot going in then worry initially over rebounding positioning. The video also presents the four categories of easy baskets and how defensive transition, when taught and stressed properly, can prevent these easy baskets from occurring.

As a coach, I haven't found very many transition defense tapes on the market. This one stands out, not only because it is one of the very few on the subject, but because it is presented by one of the game's best coaches. This video will increase your awareness on the importance of transition and will definitely force you to make key decisions when preparing for this key area of the game.

To order this video or any of Coach Dunlap's outstanding coaching products, visit the website

Practice To Win

By Jay Wright
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Practice To Win is one of a series of videos by Villanova head men's coach, Jay Wright, widely considered one of the game's best young coaches. The94-minute video takes you inside the Wildcat practices conducted by Coach Wright in order to see how the Wildcats practice to win.

Coach Wright shows how he structures his practice time and demonstrates all the key drills that they use to develop a successful basketball team. The video takes you out to the actual practice floor during a live practice. At key points, Coach Wright provides commentary to explain why specific actions are being taught and why certain drills are being utilized. Coach Wright does a great job in breaking down his practice philosophy and taking the coach step by step through the process.

The video covers specific areas such as warm up, individual development, offensive and defensive skill development, offensive and defensive breakdown drills, team offense and defense, and rebounding. I found Coach Wright's philosophy on warm-up drills to be particularly insightful. Throughout the tape Coach Wright provides excellent teaching points that will help you develop a Practice to Win! This video is not quite in the same class as Coach Don Meyer's or Mike Dunlap's practice videos, is certainly is worth a look for coaches looking to hone their ability to put together intense and productive practice plans.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

How To Win With Less Talent

By Hubie Brown
Price: $39.95
Rating: 5 Stars

One of the games truly legendary coaches, Coach Hubie Brown has coached at every level from high school to college and including 10 years in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks and the Memphis Grizzlies. Considered to be one of the best analytical coaching minds in basketball, Coach Brown provides a terrific presentation on key offensive tactics to keep your team competitive, even with less talent in this 88-minute video.

Coach Brown covers how to attack full-court pressure, half-court traps, offensive schemes against the box and 1 and triangle and 2, how to combat double downs in the post, and excellent insight on how to improve transition offense and obtain easy baskets. Everything is demonstrated on the court and this video provides "Hubie Brown-only" insights to improve your coaching.

Coach Brown's ideas are proven to be successful over time and offers coaches a great deal of options of becoming more competitive when you are simply overmatched. The strategies are simple and implement and have been utilized by coaches at all levels. As with all Hubie Brown books and videos, this one is simply a must have addition to any coaches library. After all, we all will have a team or two that at some time, will be sorely lacking in talent…you will have to find your team an edge and this video can definitely help you find that edge!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Half-Court Trapping and Double-Teaming in the Post

By Jeff Lebo
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Head Coach at Auburn University, Coach Jeff Lebo presents step-by-step instruction on how to design and employ an effective man-to-man, pressure-oriented defense in this 68-minute video. Lebo builds the defense using drills to teach proper rotations for stopping penetration, slowing down teams in transition, defending back cuts and screens, stopping baseline penetration, and much more. This video also includes shell, post defense, and box-out drills. Lebo teaches the four fundamentals of trapping and double-teaming in the post. He teaches how trapping and doubling-down is effective and how to incorporate the two- and three-player rotations into your program. Learn how to utilize the strengths of both the zone and man-to-man defense, avoid size mismatches, control your opponent's star player, keep your rebounder near the basket, stop any offensive "surprises", and defend and destroy any offensive pattern. In addition, Lebo includes concepts from his days at the University of North Carolina where he played for Coach Dean Smith.

This video will give coaches at every level practical tips on finding ways to compete with teams that have a dominant post game. While Coach Lebo does a great job teaching this style of defense, he does an even better job in introducing coaches to his terminology with some basic, but often overlooked, teaching points.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Team Chemistry & The Complete Guide to Scoring Opportunities

By Gail Goestenkors
Price: $34.95
Rating: 4 Stars

In a lecture-style setting, Coach Goestenkors begins by emphasizing the importance of player roles and building team chemistry in this 75-minute video. Head Coach at Duke University, Coach Goestenkors shares several practical ways to build team chemistry through team bonding exercises and player evaluations. Goestenkors then shifts to focus on offense by highlighting primary break drills and many quick-hitting plays designed to get your best player a good shot within one offensive rotation. She also discusses plays that emphasize screening, create mismatches off screens, take advantage overly aggressive defenses, and isolation plays to get your best players open and in mismatch situations. In addition, she covers effective inbound plays for quick-hitting offenses to get the ball into the hands of your best shooters.

The video is packed with several exercises a coach can use to build team chemistry, but I would have liked to have seen the whole video dedicated to this topic as well as some of the things that Coach Goestenkors talks about during these team gatherings. However, the X's and O's that come with the section devoted to scoring opportunities is very informative, sure to give you a play or two for your offensive arsenal..

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Breaking Presses with a 1-3-1 Alignment

By Bill Self
Reviewed 11/15/04
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Bill Self's "Breaking Presses with a 1-3-1 Alignment" video introduces you to the press break system that he has utilized successfully at the University of Tulsa, University of Illinois and the University of Kansas. Simplistic in formation, this system nonetheless works and works with players no matter the age or level.

This press offense is designed to attack traps in the back court while also handling "soft" 2-2-1 presses. The entire offense is built on a 1-3-1 alignment which uses intelligent spacing and passing to keep the ball in the hands of your best ball handlers. It also keeps your best finisher in scoring position during open court opportunities. By always keeping three outlets near the ball handler and placing a person on the back side of the press for a possible throw-over, this press allows you to attack any type of pressure!

45-minutes long, Coach Self does a great job breaking down this video so that it is easy to follow and understand. If you are looking for a simple press break that works by one of the games best coaches, this video should be part of your library.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Ed DeChellis: 1-3-1 Wide Defense

By Ed DeChellis
Reviewed 9/15/04
Price: $34.95
Rating: 2 Stars

Coach DeChellis shares the intricacies of his 1-3-1 wide defense in a lecture setting; it is a defense that ensures your team will control the tempo of the game, combat the opposing dominant player, and have fun. The 1-3-1 is a completely different zone that will give you an advantage for many different reasons. Opposing teams will spend valuable practice time preparing for it, you will be able to play with lineups using different players, and it is a great transition defense off unsuccessful shots. The detailed diagram session shows adjustments for offensive situations and tips for hiding defensive weaknesses. This is a solid 74-minute video for coaches at any level looking for a new or unique defense to change the pace of the game.

The 1-3-1 Wide Defense video might be a little slow moving for veteran coaches who already have a strong background in 1-3-1 zones. However, for younger coaches or for those coaches just looking to expand their knowledge, this video has a lot of value in what Coach DeChellis teaches and the methods he uses to get that philosophy across. I particularly enjoyed the segment of the tape which explained Coach DeChellis' trapping philosophy when using this defensive system.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

The Nutshell Defense

By Larry Gipson
Reviewed 9/21/04
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

Building on the foundation laid by legendary coach Henry Iba, coined the "Iron Duke of Defense," Coach Gipson provides instruction and philosophy on the man-to-man Nutshell defense. This defense emphasizes shutting down an opponent's offense by building the defense from the inside-out focusing on half-court defense and defensive rebounding. Using on-court demonstration, Gipson goes through more than 20 defensive drills emphasizing stance and approach, ball screens, defensive rotation, conversion, and strong defensive rebounding. Teach your players to contain and shut down any offense by contesting every shot and pass, refusing to be screened, and securing every rebound as you build a winning team defense.

I found the 84-minute Nutshell Defensive video to have several useful 2-man, 3-man and team defensive drills that you can easily utilize with your program no matter the level. However, the most intriguing part of the tape involves Coach Gipson's philosophy on switching screens. The tape is worth the investment just for this aspect alone. Several smaller college coaches have produced outstanding tapes as of late and this one certainly belongs in that category. I highly recommend the tape for coaches looking to build upon their defensive philosophy.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Team Chemistry and Complete Guide to Scoring Opportunities

By Gail Goestenkors
Reviewed 7/15/04
Price: $34.95
Rating: 3 ˝ Stars

In a lecture-style setting, Coach Goestenkors begins by emphasizing the importance of player roles and building team chemistry. She shares several practical ways to build team chemistry through team bonding exercises and player evaluations. Coach Goestenkors then shifts to focus on offense by highlighting primary break drills and many quick-hitting plays designed to get your best player a good shot within one offensive rotation. She also discusses plays that emphasize screening, create mismatches off screens, take advantage overly aggressive defenses, and isolation plays to get your best players open and in mismatch situations. In addition, she covers effective inbound plays for quick-hitting offenses to get the ball into the hands of your best shooters.

One of the hottest coaches over the last half decade, Coach Goestenkors presents some very good ideas and shares some of the early offenses and secondary breaks she has ran over the years which are the best aspects of this video in my opinion. The only negative with the video that I have is that I wish Coach Goestenkors would have went into more detail with some of her team building techniques. She offered a variety of strategies to use when building team chemistry…however, I would have preferred her to spend more time on this subject.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Team In Training

By Dave Bollwinkel
Reviewed 7/21/04
Price: $29.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

Former NCAA Division I Head Coach and current motivational speaker, Dave Bollwinkel, has taken some of his best team building ideas and put them together on a new DVD. With over 15 Interactive exercises and activities that heighten leadership and build teamwork, Coach Bollwinkel gives you plenty of strategies to get your team on the same page and working together. During this 50 minute DVD Coach Bollwinkel provides you with all the instructions you need (objectives, materials/time, directions, and debriefing questions) plus footage of the activities in action. You have all you need to facilitate these activities with your own team. Many of the activities can be incorporated directly into your practices. Include with the DVD are written instructions for all activities to assist you in making use of them in your practice.

Coaches, this is a great product that you simply have to add to your coaching library. For those of you who run team camps or team retreats, this coaching tool can really help take your team building exercises to a higher level!!!

To order, contact Dave Bollwinkel at or visit his website at

Building Your Practice Plan

By Mike Dunlap
Reviewed 8/11/04
Price: $40.00
Rating: 5 Stars

Mike Dunlap is one of the most successful coaches at the NCAA Division II level at Metro State College in Denver, Colorado. In this video, Coach Dunlap shares with you his thoughts in putting together an organized and highly efficient practice plan

The video covers 10 key subjects, including Time Allotment, Teaching versus Drilling, You Are What You Emphasize, Competition and Peer Pressure. Within each subject, Coach Dunlap carefully covers specific details that forces you as the coach to reevaluate what you do when putting together your practice schedule.

This 54-minute video covers a lot of ground. Coach Dunlap covers the methodology of his practices in great detail and uses the five laws of learning as a basis for his practice schedules. Coach Dunlap also details what he considers the key ingredients of a quality drill: set time, keep score, rotation, unpredictability and players teach players. There are several quotes and key concepts scattered throughout the video that any coach can use to make better use of their practice time.

Building Your Practice Plan is one of the best practice videos that I have come across in quite some time. For those of you who are fans of the videos that Don Meyer has put out, this video is very comparable. While the video does utilize practice footage from the past two seasons to illustrate key points, I only wish the video clips might have been a bit longer or that more drills could have been shown. Regardless, there is enough information on this video to make this a great investment for any coach at any level.

To order, please visit the Start Smart Basketball website at or call Assistant Coach, Ryan Irmer, at 303-556-6262.

The Key to Unlocking The Backdoor Offense

By Michael Collins
Reviewed 5/15/03
Price: $25.00
Rating: 3 ˝ Starss

One of the most popular offenses over the past 20 years is the Princeton offense made popular by Pete Carrill and his Princeton University Tigers. Now, teams at the high school, college and professional levels have been running this offense, which features high post options, and a variety of cuts and perimeter reads. After years of studying and teaching this highly successful offense, Coach Michael Collins shares the secrets to this offensive set in his book, "The Key to Unlocking the Backdoor Offense."

In my opinion, Coach Collins offensive set is actually a hybrid of the Princeton offense and the High Post offensive set, ran by Coach Bob Huggins at Cincinnati. Even so, Coach Collins makes the offense extremely easy to grasp and follow throughout the playbook.

The book is comprised of 5 chapters, which includes the breakdown of the offense, plays and wrinkles as well as a dozen drills to "unlock" the Backdoor Offense. The chapter regarding the breakdown of the offense actually teaches 5 unique sets out of the base offense…Shuffle Cut, Shape Up, Low, High Post, and Wide Offense. The latter is a delay set that can be used to spread out the defense while giving plenty of options to cut and score.

Every once in a while, I come across a diamond in the rough book or video from a coach at the small college or high school level that is well done and extremely useful. "The Key to Unlocking the Backdoor Offense" certainly fits this description. The book is put together very well with excellent diagrams and teaching points. Even if this offense doesn't fit your current personnel, Coach Collins' book is worth purchasing for the teaching points and the thoughts it is sure to provoke as you read through the pages.

To order, please contact Coach Collins at

Interior Defense: Doubling the Post

By Jeff Lebo
Reviewed 5/21/03
Price: $34.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

Coaches that have heard me speak at clinics and camps know much I stress trapping and doubling down in the post. Jeff Lebo, new head coach at Auburn University, has come out with a video, which teaches his system of covering down in the post.

This video was shot as part of the NIKE Championship Clinic series and therefore, doesn't offer on the court demonstrations. Even without this perk, the video is still very useful but would have been even better if the tips and teaching points could have been shown on a basketball floor. The video begins with Coach Lebo explaining the various double team options available to a coach including doubling off the passer, big on big, from an area, off a weak player and with an on-off system signaled by the capabilities of the player in the offensive post. Coach Lebo likes to double the post because post players are typically the poorest passers on the floor and he prefers to double team from the top. This video while not on the court is filled with excellent instructional tips and explanations and is a worthwhile study if this is an area where your teams have problems in executing.

The second portion of the video explains both why and provides substantial individual technique and rotations for all the players involved. Coach Lebo teaches proper footwork for trapping in the post as well as correct hand placement for the post defender on the double team. This attention to detail is what makes this an excellent teaching video. Further tips are provided for when to initiate a double team including off a pass, the dribble, off a catch or when there is simply a player who is so gifted you want the ball out of their hands. Coach Lebo also teaches their 2-man and 3-man double team options along with how to handle teams that try to beat the double down by sending cutters or using the quick dribble to exit out of trouble.

Coach Lebo is very clear on why he has developed this defensive strategy and this defense has flexibility to adjust to almost any situation and still allow a coach to maintain control over his defense. His terminology is clear and the terms he uses to key players to certain responsibilities are effective. Coach Lebo's video and Coach Gary Waters of Rutgers University have provided the two best videos on this subject that I have seen. This video would rate a 5 if there had been an on court presentation.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

Competitive Rebounding Drills

By Skip Prosser
Reviewed 4/15/03
Price: $39.95
Rating: 5 Stars

Every coach knows the value of rebounding and there have been quite a few videos to hit the market on this subject over the past few years. Tom Izzo of Michigan State and Cliff Ellis, formerly of Auburn, have both put out very good rebounding videos. Skip Prosser, head coach at Wake Forest, teaches the fundamentals for successful team rebounding philosophy in this 90-minute demonstration video! Perhaps even more valuable and long overdue is the fact that in this video, Coach Prosser shares with us the why's and how's of his rebounding philosophy. The Demon Deacons led all of Division I in rebounding in 2003 and this video gives you the secrets to their success.

The first 15 minutes of the video are used to showcase Coach Prosser's coaching philosophy as he shares with us his coaching background. All of the competitive drills demonstrated are based on these three major components: 1) Never let each other down 2) Collective Responsibility 3) It is not how big you are but how big you play! Packed with thirteen two-minute drills, two four-minute drills, and one eight-minute drill, Prosser outlines players' rebounding responsibilities within each drill and shares methods for making successful rebounding a source of pride for your players.

Every drill is competitive, complete with example of consequences and rewards. It's this emphasis that persistent pressure on the boards is the path to success, which is the primary theme of this video. It is no accident that Wake's surge in the ACC the last few years can be directly attributed to its improvement in controlling the boards. An added bonus includes a special presentation on how to develop as a coach, and how to deal with players and parents. This is really a "gold mine" of great information from one of the best teachers in the game today!

This video ranks as one of our favorite videos on rebounding that I have come across. The total volume of drills is fantastic and makes the video well worth having. However, it is the emphasis of key concepts and general rebounding philosophies that make this video remarkably educational. This video easily warrants five stars and is a must for your video library.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by visiting their site at

1-3-1 Zone Defense: The Basics & 1-3-1 Zone Defense: Traps and Adjustments

By Steve Klaas
Reviewed 3/15/03
Price: $39.95 for 1 tape, $71.95 for both + $5.95 S&H
Rating: 5 Stars

Wisconsin high school coach Steve Klaas teaches the basic slides of the 1-3-1 defense that has made his school the winningest mid-size school in the state during his tenure in this 45-minute video. The basics shows each player's slides and coverages for any offensive movement. Coach Klaas also covers his box alignment and the five rules that make Coach Klaas' defense effective. The video teaches the defense with two simple breakdown drills and then implements it in the whole while discussing how to cover overloads, penetration, screens, and much more.

In the second tape, 1-3-1 Zone Defense: Traps and Adjustments, Coach Klaas continues the development of the 1-3-1 with the traps and adjustments he uses to confound opponents. Once you have the basics down, this 40-minute video will be an excellent complement. Coach Klaas shows how the defense can be used from at any level on the floor and how they trap tops and corners. He also teaches three other adjustments used versus a strong high post player, a strong low post player, or a great perimeter shooter. Coach Klaas then demonstrates how any of the adjustments can be combined to make the 1-3-1 a very tough defense to attack.

Both of these videos do a great job in simplifying the 1-3-1 and shows how you can easily teach and add this zone to strengthen your defensive system. In the first video, you get a great breakdown of the defense, complete with solid fundamental teaching and counters to all the techniques opponents will use to break this defense down. The second video starts adding "wrinkles" to the 1-3-1 base defense. Coach Klaas covers Shadow, Fire as well as a full court look, for example, to allow the defense to change the pace of the game. Both videos are outstanding and the teaching is simple and exact. Coaches, if you are looking to either change your defense or are simply looking to strengthen your existing 1-3-1 defensive package, these videos would be a nice addition to your library.

To order, contact Steve Klaas at P.O. Box 522, Adams, Wisconsin, 53910

John Herndon's Basketball Instructional Manuals

By John Herndon
Reviewed 3/21/03
Price: Books range in price from $10.00 to $25.00 ($4.00 S&H)
Rating: 4 ˝ Stars

With years of coaching experience, 9 years at the college level at Rice University, North Dakota State and Washington and Lee, and 6 years at the high school level, John Herndon's knowledge and expertise in the game is broad, detailed and unique. Coach Herndon has put together 6 coaching manuals that allow any coach to teach the details that make the difference. Each manual is packed with useful tips, instruction and clear photos that "paint the picture" of what Coach Herndon is trying to explain.

These manuals cover a wide array of topics. Our favorites are Quick Hitters and Baseline Out of Bounds Plays, Offensive Post Play and Building a Program. The book on quick hitters and out of bounds plays cover special plays and offensive systems from some of the games top programs. Coach Herndon is considered one of the best teachers of offensive post play and his manual on this subject shows why. Offensive go to moves are taught as well as counters and daily instructional programs. Included in this book are incredible tips that can be handed out to post players as they learn the how's and why's of being a force in the post. Building a Program is one of the best manuals I've seen in sharing a philosophy of developing a winning program centered on strong values. If you appreciate Mike Dunlap's and Don Meyer's material on program building, than this manual is a must have as well.

All of these books have made their way into my library. They are great teaching tools and are the type of reference material you will turn to again and again throughout your coaching career. Plus, you can't beat the price for the volume of information you get with each book.

To order any of these manuals, visits Coach John Herndon's website at

Preventing Turnovers

By John Chaney
Reviewed 2/15/03
Price: $34.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002, legendary coach, John Chaney of Temple University, reached the 700 win mark earlier this season and imparts his philosophy on how a team can prevent turnovers in this tape from Championship Books and Videos.

IN a captivating lecture-style setting, Coach Chaney gives an in depth presentation on how to institute steps to prevent turnovers in this 75 minute video. Covering his Seven Rules Which Govern Their Play. Explaining individual roles and the responsibilities they have for each opponent, Coach Chaney really takes you inside the Temple program

Coach Chaney talking about his Thumb Rules…the rules of his program that has defined who they are. These rules center on passing, point guard play, post play, how they plan on winning and losing, and their policies on discipline. This section is wrapped up by Coach Chaney going over their three R's - Roles, Rules and Responsibility and what each of these mean and how each of them are taught and enforced.

Coach Chaney is one of the greatest teachers of the game in today's basketball world and this video provides some outstanding tidbits of information that are sure to make you reflect on your own strategies and teaching points. While I wish the video would have had some on court demonstrations to better illustrate the videos that Coach Chaney referred to, this is the only downfall of the video. Simple teaching points that are hammered home by a Hall of Fame coach in an engaging teaching format rate this video 4 Stars and is a nice addition to any library.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Blueprint For A Successful Man-to-Man Defense

By Brian Gregory
Reviewed 2/15/03
Price: $39.95
Rating: 5 Stars

Coach Gregory, an assistant to Tom Izzo at Michigan State for 10 years and now the Dayton Flyers head coach, was an integral part of the consistent success of the Michigan State basketball program. This 65 minute video will teach and demonstrate how to implement this effective and tournament-tested defensive system!

The two major philosophical "backbones" of this effective defense are: forcing low-percentage shots and domination of the backboard. Gregory supplies a step-by-step "blueprint" that details how to design and employ an effective man to man defense using five key teaching points. The blueprint is comprised of 5 key concepts involving elbow-block coverage, early help, protecting the scoring area, contesting shots and contesting passes. Coach Gregory instructs on why these concepts are so important to his teaching strategy and also shares the competitive practice drills used by his teams that emulate game-like conditions and help cement the concepts into your players memory!

Comprising over 20 drills, including the Nagoni Drill that Coach Gregory brought with him from Michigan State as well as a twist on the popular War Drill, make this an outstanding instructional video from one of the games top up and coming coaches.

This is one of the best defensive videos I've seen in a while. Coach Gregory does a great job in presenting his concepts and providing the key teaching points to allow any coach the opportunity to incorporate this philosophy into their current coaching situation. This video rates 5 Stars.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

The X Zone Offense

By Bo Ryan
Reviewed 1/15/03
Price: $39.95 (includes 19 page handout and S&H)
Rating: 5 Stars

One of the top coaches in the game today, Coach Bo Ryan of Wisconsin has proved he can win on the high school, small college and major college level. Currently the Head Coach at the Unviersity of Wisconsin, Coach Ryan has won two NCAA Division III national titles and has made Wisconsin a force in the Big Ten, winning the league title in 2002. Known for his attention to detail and meticulous teaching of the fundamentals, Coach Ryan introduces his X Zone in this 38 minute video.

The tape begins with some specific explanations on how Coach Ryan wants his team to attack any zone defense. The video starts with the offense facing a 2-3 zone where each offensive player is taught what spot they run to out of their basic secondary break formation. Post players fill the low post and trailer positions while the guards fill the perimeter spots around the posts. Using the same basic formation as Coach Ryan's popular Swing man-to-man offense, this offense is easy to pick up for players who run the same type of structured offense.

One nice feature of this zone offensive set is that it forces the defense to adapt to your offensive set once the ball is entered to either wing. For example, if the defense sets up in a 1-3-1 formation, or a 1-2-2 formation, once the ball is on the wing, the defense will be in a 2-1-2 set. This allows the offense to force the defense to match up to the offense as opposed to the defense dictating the action and the formation of the offense. The video also discusses use of overload, ball side triangles, post screening, and basket protection. It also includes attacking half-court traps.

Coach Ryan also includes some bonus instructional footage on the Swing offense that Coach Ryan has used throughout his career. While nothing major has been added or changed, Coach Ryan does go over some weakside options that they have utilized over the past few years.

As a coach who has used this zone offensive set for almost a decade, I highly recommend this video to any coach, regardless of level, who is looking for a simple, yet highly effective zone offensive system for their program. With the success that Coach Ryan has had over the years, the X-Zone is highly tested and highly effective.

You can order this video through Sysko's at


By Dale Brown and Kevin Burke
Reviewed 1/15/03
Price: $12.95
Rating: 3 Stars

If you have played or coached the game for any length of time, you fully realize that the mental side of the game is just as important as the physical skills that most fans focus on. In fact, mental skills are absolutely critical to all around success, both on the court and off of it as well. Hitting key free throws, avoiding shooting slumps, keeping your head when opponents trash talk is trying to cause you to lose yours, and developing and maintaining a consistent work ethic are all valuable components of the mental side of the game.

Sports Psychology Library and their new book, "Basketball" by Dale Brown and Kevin Burke, explore the mental skills necessary for success and give several pointers on how coaches and players can take their skills to the next level by developing the mental aspects of their game. Coach Brown, one of the most successful coaches in history and renowned sport consultant from Georgia Southern University, Dr. Burke, have teamed up to bring you their combined expertise about a critical aspect of the sport…the mind game.

This 107- page, 10 chapter book, covers the mental aspects of the game in such areas as fundamentals, shooting, sportsmanship, staying motivated and gaining and maintaining confidence. Helpful hints and "key words" are part of most chapters and help the reader garner the main points of each section of the book. "Basketball" really touches upon the idea of "mental imagery" and underscores the importance of athletes seeing themselves succeed, even before the actual, more physical level of success, arrives.

The mental side of the sport has become a hot topic of late and this book does a good job of getting its message across. However, the book is rather simple in its approach and doesn't really introduce any new or groundbreaking techniques or theories. I would have liked to seen the book at least touch on team building for those coaches who inherit programs too used to struggling on the court. For those of you who have studied material like this in the past, this book may seem like old news to you. However, for those first timers new to developing the mental side of the game, this book would be a fantastic place to start. All in all, this is a good book but one recommended for those taking their first steps into this important aspect of the game.

To order, contact Fitness Information Technologies, Inc., at

1-2-2 Ball Press

By Loren Wallace
Reviewed 12/15/03
Price: $39.95 (includes 19 page handout and S&H)
Rating: 5 Stars

Folks in the state of Illinois recognize Loren Wallace, former head coach at Quincy High School, as one of the legendary greats that has graced the local hardwood. Frequent state champion, Coach Wallace's teams were known for their tenacious defense, never die attitude and their 1-2-2 ball press.

In this privately made 35-minute video, Coach Wallace introduces you to the 1-2-2 ball press system that has made his teams so successful over the years. The video opens with a series of specific drills, starting with 1 on 1 all the way to 5 on 5 teaching sequence. Each drill is well explained and Coach Wallace does an insightful job in explaining how each part, how each drill, leads into the effectiveness of the whole defensive package.

Halfway through the video, Coach Wallace takes you through his full court work, which includes a careful explanation on the role of each defensive player, the rotation of the defense on ball and weak side, and what specific goals the defense is trying to obtain. This viewer is then led from this full court ball pressure system into the 1-2-2 half court zone structure that makes this defense so easy to teach. Coach Wallace teaches how to trap, where to trap, and all the necessary rotations vital to this half court defense.

The value of this video is the simple explanations used by Coach Wallace to get the proper techniques and strategies taught. The video also comes with a 19-page handout, which allows a coach to follow along with the video, simply using the accompanying print materials.

This video is not available through normal retail outlet. To purchase this video contact Coach Wallace via email at

Speed, Agility, and Quickness: Comprehensive Drills and Conditioning for Athletes

By Tim McClellan
Reviewed 11/18/03
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

For so many coaches, having a strength and conditioning coach on staff is only wishful thinking. Thanks to Champ Online and Tim McClellan, USA Olympic team strength and conditioning guru, and his video, "Speed, Agility, and Quickness: Comprehensive Drills and Conditioning for Athletes", coaches at every level have a sound workout program to utilize with their respective programs.

Every coach wants their players to gain in speed, agility and quickness in order to reach their full potential. Plymetrics, dot drills, and jump rope routines have long been around to help coaches push their athletes towards reaching a higher state in terms of raw conditioning. This drill takes the best of those routines, plus many more, and puts them in your hand in this 70-minute video.

Using more than 130 innovative drills/variations, this comprehensive instructional training takes you through seven program parts. Part 1 showcases warm-up drills with over 30 different exercises utilizing: speed ladder, rope, dot drill pad, side strike box, line hops, and mini hurdles. Part 2 increases mobility employing 13 drills. Part 3 works on speed development which includes 69 exercises involving sprint mechanic drills non-resistive force production drills, resisted force production drills,'' getting the feet down'' drills, complex drills, & 'pure' speed drills. Part 4 touches on athletic quickness utilizing 11 drills that can be adapted to sport-specific training. Part 5 goes through ball reaction drills, which includes 10 exercises designed to tune the nervous system and improve "sport vision." Part 6 works through 14 different agility drills - both singular and multi-directional. Finally, part 7 provides valuable information on how you can develop your own strength, agility and quickness program.

There are many effective conditioning programs out there for coaches to utilize, but we at TeamArete believe this video to be the most thorough one available for those who need to develop their own SAQ program. The drills are specific and can be taught very quickly. Coaches, add this video and information to your summer conditioning program and you will see immediate dividends!!!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

1-1-3 Man / Zone Defense

By Mike Dunlap
Reviewed 11/04/03
Price: $50.00 (includes 19 page handout)
Rating: 5 Stars

One of the most successful coaches at any level over the past decade is Coach Mike Dunlap, the Head Basketball Coach at Metro State College (NCAA Division II Champions in 2000 and 2002). This video is a self-published video is but of a handful of products that Coach Dunlap offers coaches through his website, As the title suggest, this video covers all aspects of his highly successful 1-1-3 Man/Zone Defense as he calls it which is similar in many aspects to the Amoeba commonly ran by former UNLV and Fresno State coach, Jerry Tarkanian. What distinguishes this video is his emphasis that it is really a man to man defense designed to pressure the attacking players comfort zone and force them to put the ball down on the floor into either trapping or rotating defensive teammates with the primary goal to disrupt any natural flow to an offensive teams flow.

The video opens with a specific explanation of 5 key concepts vital to making this defense effective: 1) how to pressure the ball, 2) rotations, 3) rebounding, 4) communication, and 5) the concept of counting. Running over 83-minutes, this video teaches coaches how to avoid game slippage and uses sound techniques and terminology to drive his points home.

The strength of this video is the in depth teaching pointers used by Coach Dunlap with thorough explanations as to why a particular point of emphasis is made bringing this unique defense to successful fruition. The video is quite specific in its points and Coach Dunlap covers all details of this defense, including a piece on trapping concepts and rebounding out of the 1-1-3. Coach Dunlap believes in teaching the game through repetition and developing good habits. This video is a great place to start for coaches looking to develop good habits within their own programs.

This video is not available through normal retail outlet. To purchase this video contact Coach Dunlap or his staff at (303) 556-6262 or via e-mail at

Motion for Success

By Mark Few
Reviewed 11/18/03
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Gonzaga University head coach follows his Flex video with another winner, "Motion for Success". Year in and year out, Gonzaga has one of the top men's basketball teams in the country and Coach Few is widely regarded as one of the top teachers of the game at any level. His post and perimeter workout videos were excellent…it strongly appears that everything that Coach Few puts out is well done, highly informative and broken down in expert fashion.

In this 60-minute video Coach Few details the Gonzaga 4 out-1 in motion offense beginning with breakdown drills and finishing with his 5-man schemes. Over 15 breakdown drills are demonstrated consisting of both 2 and 3-man drills emphasizing the shots and footwork incorporated in their motion offense. The second part of the tape covers how they run their motion offense including proper screens and cuts, scoring options and how to read the defense. Game footage is provided to demonstrate the proper cuts and reads.

This video is well put together as are all of Coach Few's videos. This video is more suited for high school and college coaches as some younger players might have trouble grasping some of the key concepts and ideas. However, for coaches looking to implement motion into their offensive arsenal, this video would be as good a place as any to start.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Prototype Player

By Winning Hoops
Reviewed 11/18/03
Price: $14.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Winning Hoops has long been a leader in providing coaches at all level with quality coaching publications. Their monthly newsletter is packed with great tips and many of their articles have found their way on our own Coaches Newsletter. Following in the footsteps of such great books as "Championship Defense" and "Pressure Beaters", Winning Hoops steps into the player development area with "Prototype Player: Basketball Drills And Skills To Help Coaches Mold Winners."

It is no secret that coaches at all levels are looking for new techniques and ideas for helping their players develop into all-around effective basketball players. Prototype Player is jam-packed with drills, action plans and valuable workouts that will immediately improve your players' individual skills. Emphasizing strong fundamentals and effective team concepts, this book can be utilized to develop an effective practice plan, summer workout program or a versatile summer camp.

This 128-page book contains chapters on defensive development, rebounding, ball control, offensive shot selection, coordination and general skills work. With 45 articles from coaches who have served in the trenches and knows what work and what doesn't, Prototype Player will give any coach a strong base upon which to begin individual player development.

To order, visit the good Winning Hoops folks at

Full Court Drills

By Fabian McKenzie
Reviewed 9/21/03
Price: $15.00
Rating: 4 Stars

Coaches, are you looking to spice up your transition game this upcoming season? Are you looking to find ways to more effectively score on the break? If you are like the rest of us out there, than your answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES!

Coach Fabian McKenzie has put together out outstanding drill book, titled, "Full Court Drills" which will allow you to more effectively teach the transition game and allow you to consistently score big points in this often overlooked area of the game. Head coach of the University College of Cape Breton (Canada) women's basketball program, Coach McKenzie has compiled 100 pages of drills, complete with diagrams and simple explanations that can help make your transition attack the envy of the league. Included is the CAPERS 2 and 3 player transition series, which can help your players, learn how to read and react to the defense on the break and get easy hoops.

Coaches, this is an outstanding book to add to your drill collection. Not only does this book cover an aspect of the game that is often overlooked, it covers the material in great, simplistic detail. "Full Court Drills" is another example of what great material small college coaches are releasing every day! I have already used the drills to add to my program and they work great!!!

To purchase the book, please send $15 (shipping is included) to the address below and your book will be shipped the day the order is received. Please make any check or money order payable to CAPERS Basketball.

Send payment to:
Fabian McKenzie
Women's Basketball Coach
PO Box 5300
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 6L2

Using Your Offense, Not Your Defense: Strategies for Coaches in Dealing with Parents

By Deloris Brick Dunagan with Judith Lodden
Reviewed 9/28/03
Price: $29.95
Rating: 4 Stars

In this informative 20-minute video, Judith Lodden provides you with sound proactive strategies for building proactive supportive relationships between coaches, parents, and athletes.

Lodden shares an invaluable "best practices" strategic plan that affords offense rather than defense strategies when it comes to dealing with parents with the desired outcome of having parents as teammates rather than opponents! Lodden shares with you a highly detailed step-by-step approach, which includes: strategies for preseason parent-athlete meetings, tips on how to conduct a parent requested meeting with the coach, and other important coaching "do's" related to fostering positive parent interaction. All strategies are designed to assist the coach in being proactive - to anticipate and ward off parent problems before they happen. Lodden's strategies include practical solutions with clear descriptions and examples.

Advanced coaches might feel that this tape is unnecessary for their collection. However, we at TeamArete argue that any coach, regardless of level, can utilize this tape evaluate their philosophies and their approach to managing parents. This video is ideal for the athletic director or younger coach who is looking to improve the parent-coach relationship.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

The Ultimate Open Post

By Andy Wood
Reviewed 9/19/03
Price: $17.00
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Coach Andy Wood uses this self-made instructional video to explain this popular offensive set and builds the offensive attack from the ground up.

The tape opens with a highly educational chalk talk session and concludes with actual on-court player demonstration, Coach Wood discusses three different Open Post attacks: the "screening" series, "double" series, and "cutting" series. Also included are 4 highly effective entries into the offense, 6 special sets equipped with inside and outside scoring options, and 5 breakdown drills to help your players perfect the offense. Coach Wood also adds his complete baseline-out-of-bounds attack as an added bonus!

The Open Post offense is ideal for the team that lacks a true low post offensive presence and can be utilized by college, high school, and youth level teams. The Open Post is ideal for the junior-high and high school coach. We give the tape 3 ˝ Stars because it lacks the professional appearance and flow of the Syskos and ChampOnline models, however, for coaches looking for a great bargain and a very solid teaching video of the open post offense, this tape would certainly meet your expectations!

To purchase the video, simply send $17 (price includes shipping!!) to the address below and your video will be shipped the day your order is received (NOTE: check, money order, or cash will all be accepted).

Send payment to:

Andy Wood
Head Boys' Basketball Coach
502 South Broadway Street
Blanchester, Ohio

Flex For Success

By Mark Few
Reviewed 9/21/03
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Coach Mark Few, who has won more games than any 3-year coach in NCAA history, gives a detailed look at Gonzaga's highly successful flex offense in this 47-minute video.

In the first part of the tape, Coach Few demonstrates over 10 breakdown drills they use to teach the offense and to work on specific shots that come within the framework of the offense. These 2,3,4 and 5-man drills include basket cuts, pop outs, flares, curls and back cuts. In addition he shows ways to improve communication, reading defenses and footwork. The second part of the tape covers how they run the flex and the counters they use to combat how the defense is playing them. Included in this segment of counters is what they do against switching defenses and also a variation they use if they have a dominant inside scorer.

Coach Few then shows the offensive whole and includes a permanent post flex and how to run the offense versus switching defenses and also includes various game shots that help illustrate the various options of the offense. Beyond the Flex Offense book by Coach Ron Righter, this is probably the best teaching resource that I have found on the Flex, a popular but often misunderstood and underappreciated offense. Coach Few does an excellent job in branching past the common options of the flex and showcasing the versatility of this offense.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Scouting America's Top Basketball Programs

By Jamie Angeli
Reviewed 9/2/03
Price: $21.95
Rating: 5 Stars

Scouting America's Top Basketball Programs is the newest release from Jamie Angeli and in our estimation, one of the best resources available for coaches today. Coach Angeli, former assistant men's coach at UCLA has put together a book that is soon to be one of the best selling basketball publications of 2003 and quite possibly the only offensive resource you will ever need!

Volume One contains 283 pages of clear and concise X's and O's diagrams and descriptions currently used by some of the best coaching minds in the business. Coach Angeli takes you inside some of the top collegiate basketball programs in the country including Arizona, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Duke, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Michigan State, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Using game tape to break down these successful programs, Coach Angeli covers such key areas as:

    - Early Offense
    - Out of Bounds Plays
    - Zone Attack
    - Man to Man Attack
    - Quick Hitters

The information is well put together with professional diagrams and easy to follow descriptions of the plays and sets that are presented. Any coach that takes the time to go through this avalanche of material is sure to find some plays that they can use with their programs. If you are looking for some offensive help this season, put Coach Angeli on the bench with you and let Scouting America's Top Basketball Programs be your playbook!

To order, contact Jamie Angeli through his website at

Applying and Attacking Pressure

By Bo Ryan
Reviewed 7/21/03
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Two time NCAA Division III National Champion and current Head Men's Coach at the University of Wisconsin, Bo Ryan shares his full-court pressure defense and how he attacks that defense with you in this 53-minute video.

The full court 1-2-1-1 press is broken down and the importance of transition is emphasized in the defensive portion of this video. Each player's positioning on the court and basic responsibilities are fully explained and demonstrated. Coach Ryan also shows a variety of ways to counter the offense under a variety of situations, such as a baseline runner, strong point guard attack and how to defend the transitional attack.

Coach Ryan also covers how to break full court pressure by 'z-ing' the floor and attacking the basket. While Coach Ryan's press break philosophy is hardly revolutionary, it is fundamentally sound and should serve as a strong reminder on how best to beat a pressing defense, whether they be in a man or zone look.

Full-court pressure for forty minutes is a style of play that is being utilized by more and more coaches at all levels. This style of play is exciting to coach and watch, and the players gain more enjoyment when playing a full-court game. This video puts in your hands the system of play that has made Coach Ryan one of the most successful and best coaches in the game today. If you are looking to implement a full-court game with your basketball program this year, this is an excellent video to start with!

To order, please visit Sysko's Sports Books and Videos at

Team Training for the Mental Game

By Deloris Brick Dunagan
Reviewed 7/21/03
Price: $29.95
Rating: 4 Stars

Lou Holtz has long preached the value of proper mental training in order to have his team read to perform on the football field. With more and more coaches looking more closely at the steps they can take to achieve maximum effort, mental training material is becoming more of a staple in the libraries of coaches throughout the nation. In this 31-minute video, Dr. Deloris Dunagan takes us through the steps of helping your team be at their very best in the mental aspect of the game.

Teams playing with a positive mental well being enjoy many advantages over teams that are not mentally strong. In Team Training for the Mental Game, Dr. Delores Brick Dunagan and Judith Lodden share the building blocks necessary for helping a coach facilitate the building of a mentally strong team. Brick Dunagan & Lodden share strategies to help foster positive thoughts, spirit, relationships, and feelings among coaches and athletes … the desired result is a team that displays strong team unity, pride, and resiliency - all factors in a team's ability to experience maximum performance! Brick Dunagan and Lodden intersperse their strategies with video footage from an actual team meeting, giving a clear picture on how to implement and facilitate mental training in a team setting. This video is an excellent recourse for any coach looking to implement and/or strengthen their team's mental game!

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Be The Best 2 Video Workout Set

By Joe Wootten
Reviewed 5/21/03
Price: $69.95 for both videos
Rating: 4 Stars

This set from Joe Wootten, son of legendary coach and hall of famer Morgan Wootten, consists of two tapes, one of which is a complete workout for guards and the other a complete workout for post players. A highly successful coach at O'Connell High School in Virginia, Coach Wootten is one of the games premier teachers, having learned from the best!

In his Be the Best: A Complete Workout For Guards video, Coach Joe Wootten details the workout he uses for guard development. This 58-minute workout video is divided into four segments - plyometrics, ball handling, individual moves and shooting. In the plyometrics segment, Coach Wootten shows the drills he uses to improve such skills as agility, quickness and hand/eye coordination. He then continues with drills to improve ball handling, individual moves to score and shooting. More than 30 drills are demonstrated, designed for a one-hour workout. In conjunction with his guard workout tape, Coach Wootten demonstrates the workout he uses to develop his post players in his Be the Best: A Complete Workout for Post Players. Included in this 47-minute tape are plyometric drills to improve explosion and agility, and fundamental drills that include establishing a strong post position, footwork, and post moves. Over 20 drills are demonstrated, designed for a one-hour workout.

Coaches, if you are looking for highly effective and easy to teach workout programs for your players, look no further than Coach Joe Wootten's Be the Best set. These drills can be easily added to your program and make excellent pre-practice conditioning plans for your program. To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website at

TCWhiteboard© V2.0

By TechniCoach Inc.
Reviewed 4/03/2003
Price: $49.95 (Canadian), approx. $32.95 US
Rating: 4 Star

A simple and easy-to-use software application which allows coaches to quickly draw their drills and plays.

There are 5 different court layouts to choose from which can be viewed vertically or horizontally. Using the mouse, you can quickly add pre-defined symbols of players, movement, actions and equipment to your diagrams.

All diagrams can be exported to .jpg and .png formats which can then be used on a webpage, attached to email or inserted into any document. Various page-layouts can be printed and up to 12 diagrams can be used at once.

This is a very versatile tool for those dedicated coaches who like to design playbooks for their teams and to draw all their favorite drills and save them on their computer. I personally like using the diagrams in MS Word documents for my practice-plans and also share plays with my assistant coach through email.

Hopefully they will include the standard MS Windows application shortcuts in future releases, but all functionality is readily available using the mouse.

This application runs on MS Windows ('98 and above, I believe).

To try this software, visit the TechniCoach website at

The Coaching Notebook

By Eric Littleton
Reviewed 3/31/03
Price: $15.00
Rating: 3 ˝ Star

For a few years now, we've been preaching the quality of products that many small college and high school coaches are producing in your own backyard. In fact, that is one of the reasons why TeamArete got started, to introduce coaches to new products that are not only educational, but affordable as well.

The Coaching Notebook is just another example of a "gem" that we have found. Put together by Eric Littleton, head boys' coach at Sand Springs High School in Oklahoma, Coach Littleton calls upon his college and high school coaching background to put together a book that is designed to help any coach put their program on a sound foundation.

The Coaching Notebook comes with seven chapters which cover material on:

  • Academics
  • Social
  • Offense
  • Shooting
  • Motion
  • Defense
  • Practice

Each chapter includes a variety of tips, suggestions and the kind of high level fundamental instruction that every coach can build upon. Motivational sayings, drills, plays and strategies are also added into The Coaching Notebook and gives coaches a complete set of material at their fingertips.

Though not professionally published or bound, Coach Littleton provides a sturdy binder and chapter inserts to help you navigate your way through the book. Coaches, give this one a look! To order, contact Coach Littleton at and request a copy.

Girls Can Jump

By Laura Ramus
Price: $25.95 + S&H
Rating: 4 Star

Why are females involved in jumping and cutting sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer 4-5 times more likely to suffer a serious knee injury compared to males in these same sports? Laura Ramus, Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer for a professional basketball team reviews and demonstrates an 8 week training program to help prevent these knee injuries and improve athletic performance. The program includes a warm up, a progressive jump training program, a strength training program and a cool down. It is applicable for athletes from middle school to the professional level.

In this 60-minute video, Laura Ramus focuses on a training program that can be extremely beneficial towards preventing injury as well as improved athletic performance. This program is specifically designed to help coaches properly train female athletes.

You can order this video by visiting or by contacting Laura Ramus at

The Backdoor Offense

By Andy Wood
Price: $15.00 incl. S&H
Rating: 3 ˝ Star

Coach Wood introduces us to an exciting and often misunderstood offense in his coaching book, "The Backdoor Offense." Similar to the open post offense, the Backdoor Offense is designed to spread out the defense and allow for the offensive team to attack the rim through a variety of basket cuts. After several years of studying the offense through game tape analysis and speaking with those that run the offense efficiently, Coach Wood has put together a very informative manual on the intricacies of the offense. With over 72 diagrams, the book comes "crammed" with demonstrations on how to more fully understand this offensive system.

The offense begins with 6 rules, which include:

  • There is no numbering of positions.
  • Bounce passes should be thrown on all backdoor cuts.
  • If dribbled at, you should either accept a dribble handoff or backdoor.
  • When pressured, you must go backdoor!
  • All cuts should be made straight towards the basket.
  • The offense is predicated on the position of the post man.

Included in this book are two chapters of the manual that are strictly devoted to special sets to get uncontested backdoor lay-ups, wide open 3 point shots, and isolation plays where any post man could score. In addition, a multitude of entries are presented as well as breakdown drills that will have your players executing the offense with precision. Finally, Coach Wood also adds a collection of break down drills to ensure the offense is broken down and taught properly.

While this book isn't the flashiest around, the material is very well presented. Coaches who face having a team without a true post player or a team that is quick and aggressive would be wise to add this book to their library!

To order this book, contact Coach Wood via email at or by the following mailing address:

Andy Wood
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Blanchester Local Schools
4004 State Route 28
Blanchester, Ohio

Prototype Player

By Winning Hoops
Reviewed: 2/15/03
Price: $14.95
Rating: 4 Star

Coaches everywhere are searching for new and innovative ways to improve their players' all-around skill levels. "Prototype Player" is jam-packed with drills, action plans and valuable workouts that will immediately improve your players' individual skills. With its emphasis on fundamentals and team concepts, you can use this book as a day-by-day practice guide for the development of your players!

Broken down into detailed chapters with drills ranging from fundamental to advanced skill levels, this 128-page book includes essential blueprints for improving a wide array of skills such as:

  • Individual Defense
  • Rebounding
  • Form Shooting
  • Drills
  • Help Defense
  • Agility, Footwork
  • Handling Pressure
  • Ball Handling
  • And much more!

With 45 articles written by a variety of coaches at all levels, every coach at any level is sure to find valuable information that can be the difference between a good and a great season!

Whether you're looking for new ways to liven up your practices or need a comprehensive guide to hand to your players as an in-season or off-season, self-help tool, Winning Hoops and their book, "Prototype Player," will make an immediate impact on the growth and development of your team!

To order, please visit the Winning Hoops website at

Station System

By Don Lane
Reviewed: 2/15/03
Price: $34.95 set (29.95 video, 9.95 notes)
Rating: 4 ˝ Star

One of the top coaches in NAIA history introduces us to his popular Station System in this 30-minute video. Coach Lane, a member of the NAIA Hall of Fame, and long time coach of Transylvania University in Kentucky, takes us through his system designed to get the most out of your drill work in practices and camp environments. The video covers 10 teaching points, including:

  • Proper shooting form
  • Defensive position
  • Rebounding
  • Getting Open
  • Triple Threat Position
  • Plus a large array of dribble moves and techniques

Each point is carefully explained and demonstrated using former players. Coach Lane makes sure that the viewer hears what is being taught and then sees what is being taught. Coaches of all levels will find this video an important addition to their own library.

As a companion to the Station Drills video, Coach Lane is also offering a series of notes which further explains the Station Drills, while incorporating various drills and detailing how this Station concept can be adapted to fit any camp schedule strengthening the teaching ability of your own camps. With 120 drills of station work, this program consists of 12 daily stations, Monday through Friday that can help make your camps and practices the best in the state!

There aren't too many Hall of Fame coaches who let you inside their program. Through the video and notes, Coach Lane does just that. Coaches, take this opportunity to learn from one of the games best!

To order this video, contact Don Lane at

The Point Zone

By Paul Hewitt
Reviewed: 1/10/03
Price: $40.00
Rating: 4 ˝ Star

One of the most popular coaches in the game today, Georgia Tech's Head Coach Paul Hewitt, takes us inside the defensive scheme that has made him one of the hottest and most successful coaches in the game today. The Point Zone is a defensive system, originally made popular by former UNC head coach, Dean Smith that is being utilized by more and more coaches. Though one might consider the Point Zone has a 1-3-1 alignment, the Point Zone is challenging because of the pressure it places on the ball…not to mention, the Point Zone can be run out of several alignments, including the 3-2 and the 2-3. Another perk of this defense is unlike many zone defenses used today; the Point Zone's rules and strategies insure that your team will always have solid defensive rebounding position.

Like most coaches, Coach Hewitt starts this nearly 50-minute video listing the benefits of playing the Point Zone. However, Coach Hewitt quickly transitions to precise explanations of each player's defensive responsibilities and defensive rotation. The video opens with a short segment on the positive benefits of playing the Point Zone. It quickly moves into a thorough explanation of each player's responsibilities and basic rotations on ball movement. The Point Zone has somewhat simpler rules for coverage's based on the 5 man always staying middle between the ball and basket, and each other player being assigned a partner who moves in response to the other partner. While most zones require defensive men to play certain spots based on where the ball is located, the Point Zone is based more on your partner's location. From here, Coach Hewitt goes on to explain key teaching points that the coach can use in building this defensive system.

Coach Hewitt does a very solid job of explaining the basic rules and assignment of the Point Zone and you will have a good enough understanding of the Point Zone after viewing this video to teach it to your team without problems. Coaches, strongly consider adding this video to your library because the Point Zone could very well be your base zone defense.

To order, please visit the Coaches Choice website at

The Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches

By Jeff Janssen & Dr. Greg Dale
Reviewed: 1/5/03
Price: $29.95
Rating: 5 Star

So many coaches, in their pursuit of building a basketball program, concentrate solely on the X's and O's along with the conditioning aspects of the game. However, successful coaching involves a lot more than having down the latest court tactics. Jeff Janssen is one of America's leading sport performance specialists from the University of Arizona where he has been a vital component to the success of their overall athletic program. Dr. Greg Dale similarly works as a Sport Psychology consultant with Duke University in their Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and many of their athletic teams. Both are uniquely qualified clinicians with broad experiences dealing with mental aspects of coaching the game. They have presented at more than 500 peak performance clinics around the country and are recognized as two of the best in the business.

The authors could have taken the easy road and just written what they "know" about successful coaching based on their experiences and training, however, Janssen and Dale went on the road to interview some of today's most successful coaches including: Mike Krzyzewski (Duke-basketball), Gail Goestenkors (Duke-women's basketball), Roy Williams (Kansas-basketball), Pat Summit (Tennessee-women's basketball), Dr. Leroy Walker (US Olympic track coach), Jerry Welsh (Milwaukee Bucks) and many other of arguably the best coaches of this generation. The answers they got from our perspective add considerable weight to the content and credibility of this book.

The essence of this book is that it takes more than X's and O's to win. Without the respect of your athletes all the tactics in the world will not make you a winner. The backbone of this book is discovering the "Seven Secrets of Successful Coaching. These secrets are essentially a summary of what Author's Janssen and Dale found after interviewing some of today's great coaches. The traits include being a; 1) character based coach, 2) competent, 3) committed, 4) caring, 5) confidence-builder, 6) communicator, and 7) consistent.

True coaching is about who you impact, whom you influence and impact the lives of. It is much more than basketball knowledge. It is about coaching the whole person. Coaches who realize this and start down the road by wanting to give something back to the game.

Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches is a book of substance. It eloquently draws together ideas and quotes from some of today's best coaches and organizes them into distinct and useable points to improve your coaching. The result of Janssen and Dale's work is a powerfully written, intriguing look at what many coaches are missing on the road to success. After reading Seven Secrets you will some away with some tangible things you can work on as a coach to improve your chances of success on the court. It leaves you asking questions about your own coaching methods and skills and will challenge you to realize that coaches need practice too. Often in areas that are not easily measured or visibly obvious. Only when it is took late and you has lost credibility as a coach does it become apparent that you had a flaw in "your coaching game."

For ordering information, visit the Jeff Janssen website at

The Blueprint & Walking Through The Foot

By Mike Dunlap
Reviewed: 9/25/02
Price: $30.00 for Blueprint (book) and $20.00 for Walking Through The Foot (video)
Rating: 4 Star

Two-time national champion, Metro State, has been on top of the NCAA Division II world for a while now under the leadership of Head Men's Basketball Coach, Mike Dunlap. With his popular coaching academies that are held in Colorado each year, Coach Dunlap has continued to introduce coaches to the philosophies and techniques that have made him one of the most successful coaches at any level over the past decade.

The Blueprint, a collection of notes and materials that provide the foundation of his program, are a vital introduction to the world of organization, attention to detail, and meticulous planning. The Blueprint shows coaches how to organize your staff, monitor grade progress, utilize a strength and conditioning program, and plan your practices among its ten chapters. If you are looking to add winning ideas to your program utilizing one of today's top coaches, look no further than The Blueprint.

The video, Walking Through the Foot, showcases the warm up and conditioning drills that Metro State has utilized in making their teams one of the highest scoring and most energized teams in the nation. Walking Through the Foot utilizes a "movement response system" which is designed to improve athleticism in season and is comprised of well over a dozen drills to achieve this goal. While the tape doesn't come with sound, it does come with an informative handout, which allows you to follow along.

To order, contact the Metro State College Men's Basketball Program at 303-556-6262.

How To Coach Mental Toughness

By Larry Eustachy
Reviewed: 9/27/02
Price: $39.95
Rating: 3 ˝ Star

Larry Eustachy's achievements have been recognized by his peers, winning back-to-back Big 12 Coach of the Year honors in 2000 and 2001. In addition, Eustachy was named Associated Press Coach of the Year in 2000 and was honored as the runner-up in 2001. In this 44 minute tape, Coach Eustachy reveals techniques and drills that you can use to help your team become mentally tougher during competition. The tape includes a chalk-talk with game and practice clips to illustrate Eustachy's drills. He includes five proven drills for developing mental toughness: The slide drill, 30-second line drill, five man weave, full-court 4 on 4, and the 3 on 3 block out drill. With emphasis on the fundamentals, this tape will help any team reach its physical and mental potential.

While there are many tapes and books out there that talk about mental toughness, this is one of the few that incorporates a series of fundamentally based drills that are designed to develop the mental skills of your players vital to winning championships. Start turning your players into game time achievers with this informative video.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Doubling Down In The Post

By Gary Waters
Reviewed: 9/27/02
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 Star

This is one of the most helpful defensive videos you will ever see! In 58 minutes, Waters teaches the fundamentals of the Double Down Defensive System. He shares how the Double Down is effective, how to incorporate it into your program, and the difference concepts that he has used successfully in teaching the Double Down. Using players on the court in a practice setting, Waters demonstrates how to force the opponent out of the paint, while also making your team quick and aggressive on the defensive side of the ball. This is one of the hardest defenses for opposing coaches to scout and can be used at any age level.

The Double Down Defensive System can be adapted to fit any defensive scheme or philosophy. Hard to scout and quite flexible, the Double Down forces offensive post players to become tentative while your defense covers passing lanes. This video can improve any team defensively and the Double Down could very well be the equalizer you need to negate those skilled post players on your schedule this year.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Competitive Rebounding Drills

By Larry Eustachy
Reviewed: 11/15/02
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Star

Larry Eustachy, Iowa State University Head Men's Basketball Coach, teaches the fundamentals for successful team rebounding philosophy in this 52-minute video! Packed with several useful competitive drills, Eustachy teaches players' rebounding responsibilities within each drill, and methods for making successful rebounding a source of pride for your players. Every drill is competitive, complete with examples of consequences and rewards.

Most coaches realize, good rebounding teams win championships. This video not only provides the viewer with a wide variety of rebounding drills, but perhaps even more importantly, drills that will test the mental makeup of each player. Mental toughness has been the cornerstone of Eustachy's teams through the years and in this video, he combines competitive rebounding instruction with the development of mental toughness. This video is slightly better than Tom Izzo's video, "Defensive and Rebounding Drills" because it is more extensive and in our opinion, more intense.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Coaching Clinic Manuals (2000-2006)

By Ed Andrist
Reviewed: 11/10/02
Price: $40.00 all three
Rating: 4 ˝ Star

We have been preaching about the value found in the small college ranks for years and slowly introducing coaches around the country to some hidden gems found at the small college level for the past three years. Eddie Andrist, University of Wisconsin-Stout head men's basketball coach, is as good as there is at the NCAA Division III level. Coach Andrist's Run and Jump Press video, reviewed earlier by TeamArete is extremely informative and one of the best tapes on the R&J we've come across. We are now pleased to introduce you to his clinic manuals that are part of his yearly coaches clinic on the campus of Wisconsin-Stout.

These manuals are a vast hodgepodge of basketball material. Containing information on nutrition, conditioning, practice preparation, X's and O's, motivation, player development, and yes, plenty of information on his Run and Jump Press, Coach Andrist literally provides you with a library of knowledge from one of the game's top coaches. Each manual covers a specific coaches clinic and the 2002 version contains information from his staff and program as well as from other guest speakers who also have contributed outstanding material that can help any coach and program take their "ability" to a higher level.

Coaches, you won't find these books in Syskos…you have to go straight to Coach Andrist for them and, while you can order specific years (price ranges from $10.00-$15.00 per manual), I really encourage that all three manuals be purchased as they each lead into the other.

To order, contact Coach Eddie Andrist at

The Triangle of Zone Offenses

By Tom Davis
Reviewed: 10/25/02
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4 ˝ Star

Tom Davis expands on his very popular zone offensive tape. In addition to reviewing the basic continuity and scoring options, Davis demonstrates effective plays that can take advantage of any zone defense as well as individual talents in his new, 53-minute video. In addition, he also rebounding responsibilities, the use of skip passes, the key to obtaining effective penetration as well as drills to teach the necessary passes and shots from the perimeter and inside.

In our minds, this video is a much better value than Tom Davis' first video on this subject, "Zone Offense." Our reasoning is that while this video shows the continuity of this highly effective zone offense, it not only does it better by utilizing on court demonstration, it adds much more detail to the presentation. For instance, Tom Davis reveals some set plays that can be run out of this offensive set to attack any zone defense as well as a variety of tips and helpful hints that can only be taught while utilizing players on the court.

In my years of coaching, I have yet to see a more versatile and effective zone offensive system. This video not only provides you with the basic continuity of the offense, but gives you set plays, drills and key teaching points that will allow you to put this offense in with your team. Coaches, if you are looking for a zone offense this year, I encourage you to add this video to your collection.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

The Point Guard Fast Break

By Bruce Pearl
Reviewed: 10/27/02
Price: $39.95
Rating: 3 ˝ Star

Bruce Pearl, the winningest active coach in college basketball today, details the key to his potent transition offense-the point guard fastbreak. Using on court demonstrations and game footage in this 40-minute video, Coach Pearl discusses how to set up the break, the responsibilities for each position after both made and missed baskets. Also included is his secondary break into both his half-court man and zone offense. An excellent tape to learn the quickest way to get the ball down the court and put pressure on the defense-the point guard fastbreak!

This video is an interesting look into a philosophy that has allowed Coach Pearl to have some of the highest scoring teams in the nation while at the University of Southern Indiana. Now Head Coach at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Coach Pearl has a unique approach to teaching the fast break. While this system might not be everyone, this video does a great job showcasing this fast break and teaching the components that make this break effective against man-to-man and zone defenses regardless of what the defense tries to do. For quick teams that are looking to be extensive pressure on the defense while still wanting control of the fast break, this video would be a solid investment for your program.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Giant Championship Coaching Series

By Steve Witty
Reviewed: 3/20/02
Price: $90.00 for the 8 book set (individual books can also be purchased)
Rating: 5 Star

One of the best products that TeamArete had found is the Giant Championship Coaching Series by Steve Witty, Head Coach at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. As coach at Ben Davis, Coach Witty has compiled more wins than any other team in the State of Indiana, winning 266 games and 80% of his teams contests. This innovative series by one of Indiana's top high school coaches include the following books.

  • Nothing But Net Championship Shooting Drills A series of game speed shooting drills that utilize team concepts, improve conditioning, and boost the player's confidence to HIT the big shot.
  • Giant Transition Game and Secondary Offense This up-tempo style of play will provide various scoring opportunities before the defense can set up. Drills to teach the transition game are shown.
  • Attacking the Full Court Press This press breaker, effective against all full court zone presses, will beat the press and provide numerous scoring opportunities.
  • Attacking the Half Court Press Make the opponent pay for pressing. A basic offense that beats the half court press and provides easy scoring opportunities.
  • Five Progressive Steps to Teaching Man to Man Team Defense Philosophy, progressive drills, and key teaching points are covered about defense that has taken Ben Davis HS to two Indiana State Championships, a state runner-up, and four trips to the Final Four.
  • Giant Run and Jump Defense This fun and exciting defense allows your team to dictate tempo and wear down your opponent. Personnel responsibilities and a wide variety of drills and rotation techniques are covered.
  • Giant Championship Offense This offense is very TEAM oriented and provides a balance scoring attack. It incorporates set plays as well as a continuity phase while exploiting a strong inside-out game.
  • Zone Busters Techniques for attacking various zone defenses are illustrated. The principles of player movement, passing, dribbling and screening various defenses is discussed.

These books, while not fancy in their appearance, are filled with good ole-fashioned tips and strategies that have proven successful. With a nice variety of titles, Coach Witty's Giant Championship Coaching Series, offers something for every coach looking to expand on their knowledge of the game. Well thought out and supported with drills and the philosophy behind them, these books can be utilized by coaches at any level to develop a winning philosophy or to challenge any coach's current beliefs. The Giant Championship Coaching Series is a must for our TeamArete coaching library and we encourage you to add it to yours today!!!

Coaches can order the Giant Championship Coaching Series by contacting Coach Steve Witty at

Transition Basketball

By Mark Zacher
Reviewed: 6/20/02
Price: $7.00 (includes S&H)
Rating: 5 Star

For many coaches, fast break offense and the secondary break are taken for granted if not vastly under taught. When one considers that the ball is in the middle 3rd of the court over 70% of the game, winning the transition battle will often lead directly to wins. In this 40-page booklet, Mark Zacher introduces us to the world of fast pace transition basketball, Mount Saint Mary's College style.

As an assistant women's coach at Mount Saint Mary's College for the past three seasons, Coach Zacher prepared this book as an aid to the numerous coaching clinics that the staff speaks at concerning their fast break offensive system. The book starts out with an introduction that states the advantages of running this system. However, an added plus is the statistical evidence the staff uses to support their case. For instance, Mount Saint Mary's averaged 8.1 more lay-ups in wins than in losses. Interesting fact!

Loyola Marymount's legendary numbered fast break, under Coach Westhead, is taught in detail…showcasing adjustments the staff has made in implementing this system. Breakdown drills and 11 general transition drills are covered, helping coaches build this system from the ground up.

Another benefit to this book are the two secondary breaks and five half-court offenses that are covered in extensive detail. Coaches will be especially pleased to get excellent information on the popular Kansas secondary break that has proven so successful for Roy Williams and his Jayhawk teams throughout the years.

Finally, Coach Zarcher introduces a simple play, and the philosophy behind it, for gaining and scoring off the opening tip. How many coaches have such a play in their arsenal right now?

While this book is simple in design, I haven't come up with a better Transition Offensive book in my years of coaching. The book is concise and takes every coach step by step from developing a fast break philosophy, incorporating that fast break into a secondary break and half court offense, to help in gaining an advantage off of the opening tip. A great bargain at the price. Get yours while you can.

To order this book, contact Mark Zacher at or at

Run and Jump Pressure

By Ed Andrist
Reviewed: 6/20/02
Price: $30.00 (introductory price includes S&H)
Rating: 5 Star

The Run and Jump video by Ed Andrist, Head Men's Coach at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, details the defensive system that has taken Coach Andrist's teams to three National Collegiate Championships, two International Middle Eastern Championships, six Final Fours and 21 collegiate victories per season. In 60 minutes, Coach Andrist shares with you the run and jump press and its variations that have allowed his teams to be so highly successful in addition to teaching the drills and concepts that you will need to implement this system with your program no matter the level.

With so many teams using the multitude of zone presses that are widely popular today, the run and jump press is starting to make its make back onto the courts of today's winningest programs. Popularized by Dean Smith, the former head coach at the University of North Carolina, the run and jump press is successful because of its flexibility and simplicity. Fans love the non-stop action and players enjoy playing in a scheme that allows them to utilize their skills to the fullest.

According to Coach Andrist, his run and jump press is about several things, including:

  • Constant pressure
  • Fear and fatigue
  • Confusion and stress
  • Conditioning and a deep bench
  • Rotation and rebounding
  • Poor shot selection

The run and jump, like all good pressure defensive systems, is not designed to specifically create steals on defense. This press is designed to force teams to make mistakes with the ball and to hurry their offensive execution. A benefit of this system and one that is showcased throughout the video is that there are no specific match-ups or trapping locations to worry about. The simplicity of the run and jump is that you don't know who will trap or where the trap will occur. Try scouting that!!!

Coach Andrist accompanies a chalkboard lesion with plenty of on the floor demonstration…supported by video clips of his team in action, similar to the Don Meyer video series. A benefit to any coach is the selection of drills that Coach Andrist demonstrates to help teach this system from the ground up. Drills range from 1 on 1 to 5 on 5 demonstrations. This system can also be modified based on the game situation. To make changes, Coach Andrist utilizes a color system, which is explained and demonstrated in the video. These colors and their purpose are as follows:

  • White-Basic run and jump
  • Blue-Sideline trap
  • Red-Immediate trap inbounds
  • Black-Denial inbounds

Coaches, this video isn't fancy in terms of its promotion or packaging. However, if you are looking for a video on the run and jump press that teaches the components of this press from a to z and is well demonstrated from one of the games finest coaches, TeamArete encourages you to order this video today! To order, contact Coach Andrist at

1001 Motivational Messages and Quotes for Athletes and Coaches

By Bruce Brown
Reviewed: 3/20/02
Price: $17.95 book
Rating: 5 Star

This unique reference offers 1001 motivational quotes from noted athletes, writers, celebrities and world leaders. The book features 13 themes (including confidence, discipline, teamwork, and others) with corresponding quotes for each theme. Also includes sport-specific quotes.

This book is simply a must have for coaches that use motivational quotes for their practices, locker rooms or player notebooks. With over 200 pages and words of wisdom from coaches and legendary motivators, any coach is sure to find just the right quote for any situation.

While the number of quotes this book holds is impressive, what makes Bruce Brown's book even more valuable is the ease in which one can find quotes that match a specific topics. The heart of book details specific subjects, such as:

  • Work Habits
  • Discipline
  • Great Competitors-Warriors
  • Poise
  • Teamwork

With 13 such subjects, the detail and precision of the quotes is overwhelming. The book also has quotes that cater to specific sports, such as basketball, football, and baseball, which allow this book to be a valuable resource to entire athletic departments.

Coaches, we have used quotes and motivational messages as a teaching tool on a daily basis with our basketball program…their value to our program and players is immeasurable. This book will definitely allow you as a coach to ensure that your players are getting the message…"1001 Motivational Messages and Quotes for Athletes and Coaches" is a must have for your library.

To order, visit

Coaching Basketball's Secondary Fast-Break Offense

By Tom Reiter
Reviewed: 3/18/02
Price: $16.95 book
Rating: 3 ˝ Star

Coaching Basketball's Secondary Fast-Break Offense contains nearly 100 secondary break options. Each option is thoroughly explained and the book draws on 128 pages and nearly 200 illustrations to help put the plays into motion. Covers post-player inbounding, perimeter player inbounding, dribbling the ball to a wing, and high-post ballscreen.

This is Coach Tom Reiter of Washington & Jefferson College third book, following his very popular "Inbound Attack" and "Basketball Offensive Sets" books. As in those, this book is filled with play after play, each designed with easy to understand detail.

Coach Reiter defines the secondary break as "the offense attacking three or more defenders." "Coaching Basketball's Secondary Fast-Break Offense" covers alignments such as the double-low post to using a post player as a trailer or a screener. The book also touches on a few sets that may lead to a continuity offense. In an era when pressure and fast break basketball are so popular, having an effective secondary break allows teams to consistently move right into their primary offense out of their fast break.

As Coach Reiter explains, the purpose of this book is not to overload coaches with information that they feel they must apply to their program. It is designed to give coaches a few simple ideas that they may use with their teams. This book gives coaches a large variety of options to choose from when choosing a secondary offense. The secondary break is a very important, though often overlooked, part of the game. "Coaching Basketball's Secondary Fast-Break Offense" gets you started in the right direction.

To order, visit

Coaching the Fast Break: By the Experts

Edited by Bob Murrey
Reviewed: 3/27/02
Price: $16.95 book
Rating: 4 Star

An examination of the fast break by 12 of the country's most respected coaches, including: Paul Westhead, Roy Williams, Muffet McGraw, Johhny Orr, Tom Penders and others. This book is 108 pages long and each chapter and concept is diagrammed.

The strength of this book is in the number of fast break and transition drills that lie within the pages. Each coach does a great job of breaking down their fast break and showing coaches what concepts should be taught and why. Also, the coaches readily explain why they have committed themselves to the fast break game. For coaches looking for reasons into adapting this style, look no further.

The only negative with the book that we saw is in the fact that in some chapters, the coaches didn't really explain their fast break system but chose to solely concentrate on break down drills. While these drills are very useful, we would have liked to have seen a variety of fast break systems and styles, such as the sideline and the 1-4 fast break.

Still, the drills alone make this a book worth having and with so many leading experts on the topic of the fast break, any coach will be able to pull material from the book and adapt to their team instantly.

To order, visit

Perimeter Play

By Don Meyer and Jerry Krause
Reviewed: 4/13/02
Price: $40.00 video
Rating: 3 Star

Each of the fourteen videos in the new Basketball Skills and Drills series from Don Meyer of Northern State University and Jerry Krause of Gonzaga focuses on a specific aspect of the game. These videos are ideal for coaches of all levels, especially those of beginning to intermediate levels of play. Perimeter Play, the 8th volume in a 14-volume collection by Meyer and Krause, is one of the newest releases in the growing list of quality videos available through Coaches Choice.

The purpose of this 41-minute video is to teach sound perimeter play fundamentals stressing the proper use of shot and pass fakes. Coach Meyer uses this video to instruct on the value of patience, taking the ball to the basket, making quick but not hurried decisions, penetrating under control, legal moves, skills, techniques, and drills.

This video is broken down into segments, which include:

  • Principles and Skills
  • Importance of the Triple Threat stance
  • Completing the Play
  • Added Perimeter Skills
  • Competitive Games

The fast majority of drills are done with a Toss Back, which is a tool that most programs don't own. However, the drills are basic enough where the Toss Back is not a necessity for any of these drills. Intermediate and youth coaches will find great drills here, but for the more advanced coach, most of the drills are pretty common and except for the competitive game drills, the drills aren't of great value. However, in typical Don Meyer fashion, even the advanced coach will learn something by watching the drills due in no small part to Coach Meyer's ability to teach concepts and skills that a coach may not be familiar with.

While we prefer Gonazaga's Mark Few's perimeter tape (reviewed below) since it does a better job of teaching breakdown moves for perimeter players, this video also has value to coaches at all levels. As stated before, the drills are pretty basic, but Coach Meyer does such a great job of coaching "teaching points" that this video is a solid investment for any coach looking to improve the play of their perimeter players.

To order, visit

Post Play

By Don Meyer and Jerry Krause
Reviewed: 4/13/02
Price: $40.00 video
Rating: 4 ˝ Star

Each of the fourteen videos in the new Basketball Skills and Drills series from Don Meyer of Northern State University and Jerry Krause of Gonzaga focuses on a specific aspect of the game. These videos are ideal for coaches of all levels, especially those of beginning to intermediate levels of play. Perimeter Play, the 9th volume in a 14-volume collection by Meyer and Krause, is one of the newest releases in the growing list of quality videos available through Coaches Choice.

This 54-minute video shows how post players can gain high-percentage shots, draw fouls, and help open up the outside game. Includes post play principles, stance mechanics, working to get open, catching the ball, reading the defender, low- and high-post moves, developmental drills and more.

As in the video, "Perimeter Play", this coaching video mainly involves 2 on 0, 2 on 1, or 2 on 2 drills. With much less reliance on the toss back as a teaching tool, Don Meyer still uses his wonderful approach to teaching the basics to point out minute details that can help any coach turn their post players into offensive threats. Some interesting topics and theories that Don Meyer stresses in this video are:

  • Take the post defender "off the line of deployment."
  • Use of multiple size balls and tennis balls to develop hand strength and coordination.
  • "Sitting in your game"

Each of these points is designed to make you think as a coach…typical Don Meyer. With such a large collection of drills, this video can be used as a pre-season or post-season development program for post players, or, as a teaching tool in a camp. Players are given simple explanations for each of the steps the video takes you through and why each of these steps is important.

I feel that this is one of the best post based videotapes I have seen on the market. Good for all ages, this is a video that should be a mainstay in your library.

To order, visit

Basketball Shooting

By Sidney Goldstein
Reviewed: 3/15/02
Price: $32.95
Rating: 3 ˝ Star

Wonder why you are not having more success teaching shooting? This 35-minute video is the first in a three tape series dedicated to teaching players how to properly shoot the basketball. From the author of the highly popular coaches book, The Basketball Coaches Bible, Sidney Goldstein utilizes the sound teaching techniques taught through his publications as the foundation for this video.

This video shows male and female college players working on the mechanics of shooting as taught by Goldstein. Starting with an overview of shooting, Goldstein clearly explains the three levels of shooting: technique, practice and game level. Technique involves the mechanics of movement; practice involves ways to practice proper technique, game level involves shooting under pressure. Goldstein thoroughly discusses his shooting technique principles by breaking down this section into five parts: touch, release, body alignment, extension, and problem diagnosis. The tape then takes each of these topics and shows methods designed to specifically eliminate each of these problems. Goldstein demonstrates teaching points regarding shooting technique by stressing proper warm-up routines, proper mechanics and mental preparation.

Next, the major shooting problems are presented and are as follows:

  • Tight wrists
  • Lack of arm extension
  • Poor ball handling
  • Lack of ability to pivot
  • Ineffective practice habits
  • Dealing with small or young players

This video has several advantages. It is one of the few shooting videos that can be watched by either a coach or a player, and not have it's effectiveness diminished. Secondly, the sound teaching principles are backed by a series of unique drills and thought processes that are designed to truly focus the player on their shooting technique. Goldstein not only teaches a player how to improve their shooting technique, more importantly, he educates the player on why they are performing each step. Finally, although this video is part of a three-tape set, it is a highly effective teaching tool without the other accompanying tapes.

Some might believe the tape is a bit simplistic in its approach. We stated that some of the drills and concepts are a bit unusual, especially for more advanced coaches. However, as we also stated, the complete process is carefully explained and any coach, regardless of level, is guaranteed to find something from this video that they can apply to their own teams. With so many teams struggling shooting the ball in today's game, what does one have to lose?

To order this video or to view any of the other 17 Nitty Gritty Basketball Series videos, please visit their website at

The High/Low Motion Offense

By Bill Self
Reviewed: 3/10/02
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 5 Star

The 3-out / 2-in motion offense is taught by the University of Illinois' Head Coach, Bill Self, and is simplified with basic rules for continuity in this 60-minute video.

This offense is designed to bring one of your post players to the high post, so it allows a team to isolate their low post threat in the paint with enough room to score. The High / Low also places perimeter players in a position to score off the catch or dribble with the look of a true motion offense. The High/Low Motion Offense is also designed to get perimeter players open three-point opportunities off of screening action or off penetration. Self uses on court demonstration to teach each player's responsibilities within the offense.

This offensive system utilizes a variety of screening action to get key players game shots. Ball screens, cross screens, post-guard screens, double and staggered screens are just a few of the screens that are covered. In addition, Coach Self goes over the variety of options available to inside and perimeter players when faced with different defensive approaches to each variety of screen.

Over 30 minutes of drills are demonstrated to break down the offense into smaller, teachable components. 2 man, 3 man and 4 man drills are taught as well as different drills involving each of the screens mentioned earlier. These drills are easy to follow and because of their variety, really do a great job of allowing the coach an easier job of teaching this offense.

The High / Low Motion Offense is an excellent video that explains a highly effective offense in detail and the drills necessary to implement this system. The offense is designed for teams and coaches that have post players capable of playing the high or low post positions. In addition, for coaches that struggle teaching a motion offense without set movement, this offense is a perfect substitute in that it allows for the same movement as a freelance motion, while allowing the coach the opportunity of getting players key shots on the floor.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Individual Development of Perimeter Player

By Mark Few
Reviewed: 3/10/02
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 5 Star

Mark Few, Head Coach of Gonzaga University, is widely regarded as one of the games finest teaches, especially when it comes to perimeter play. In this 42-minute video, Coach Few shares the drills that Gonzaga uses to improve the individual development of perimeter players.

Over 15 drills demonstrated and the following areas are all covered in detail:

  • Ball Handling (Crossover, Hesitation, Inside-Out)
  • Warm-Up Progressions
  • Footwork
  • Game Shots
  • Zone Shooting
  • Special Situations

These drills are incorporated into in Gonzaga pre-season workouts as well as their in-season and post-season workouts.

The video gives enough detail and explanation to post any coach with enough information to reflect upon. Coach Few teaches how to attack the defender, a variety of moves, proper shooting form and technique, and how to shoot coming off a variety of screens.

Besides the sound teaching techniques, this video excels because it is structured in such a way that allows a coach to take the information on the video and incorporate it into their own shooting program immediately, without much preparation. The video can also be used by a coaching staff as a teaching tool, just plug the video into the VCR and let your players watch for themselves. The video is simple to follow and extremely well put together. In our opinion, this is one of the best perimeter skill teaching tools on the market.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Post Player Development

By Mark Few
Reviewed: 3/10/02
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 4 ˝ Star

A complete 36-minute drills tape for post players from the Head Coach of Gonzaga University and a program that has a history of developing versatile post players in years past.

This video provides coaches an excellent overview of how to develop post players by covering the following areas:

  • Positioning and stance
  • Receiving the ball
  • Reading defenses
  • Getting open

Also, Coach Few covers offensive post moves in the paint, facing up and the dribble drive. Coach Few details such techniques as the jump hook, drop step, and the up and under as well as multiple counters that are designed to allow the offensive player to post up in the paint based on how the defense is playing the post. Competitive drills are also explained and demonstrated and coach Few teaches how to make your post player finish strong in the paint.

Another effective video from Coach Mark Few. Just as is the case in his Individual Development of Perimeter Player video, Coach Few's teaching points for post player development are simple, proven effective and are presented in such a manner as to allow any coach to immediately transfer what they learn from the video into their own team's practice and workout sessions.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Defensive & Rebounding Practice Drills

By Tom Izzo
Reviewed: 3/10/02
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 4 ˝ Star

Coach Tom Izzo teaches the defensive system in this 53-minute video that has helped make Michigan State one of the most successful basketball programs over the past decade. Providing demonstration of basic stance, team defensive position, and rotation, Coach Izzo outlines the mindset of his defensive philosophy.

Following the foundation of his defensive system, Coach Izzo proceeds to show how he teaches his team to play cuts, screen the screener plays, elbow and block coverage, screen and roll plays and transition defense. Throughout the video, Coach Izzo explains in detail why he doesn't teach a full court pressing defensive system and why he encourages his players to be physical in their defensive and rebounding approach.

The majority of the drills are done in the half court, and vary from 1 on 1 all the way up to 5 on 4 and 5 on 5 action. The drills are simple and well explained, as Coach Izzo does a great job breaking down each drill into how it is taught, what skills you are teaching and why he teaches the drill the way he does.

The video contains two valuable pieces of information for any coach…Coach Izzo's highly regarded rebounding drill, The War Drill, and his X'ing concept, which details how MSU defends screen the screener plays. Both segments force any coach watching this video to reevaluate how you teach rebounding and defending interior screens.

The only drawback to this video is that the rebounding drills are limited, only two are discussed, with The War Drill getting the most attention. However, that particular drill and those, which emphasize defensive play, are so well taught, that the lack of rebounding drills is only a slight setback to the overall quality of the video.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Practice Planning and Team Drills

By Phil Martelli
Reviewed 2/3/02
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 3 Star

Popular St. Joseph's Head Coach leads this 58-minute video on practice planning and team drills.

Coach Martelli believes that practices should be entertaining, energetic and should involve everyone on the court at all times. Furthermore, Coach Martelli stresses the following keys when preparing practices…

  • Time is valuable
  • Have a plan
  • Follow plan
  • Be prepared for anything

The video is divided into two parts, practice planning and team drills. The practice planning section takes part in a lecture setting while the drills are taught and demonstrated on the basketball court. Over a dozen drills are showcased covering conditioning, offensive, defensive, free throws, and shooting aspects of the game.

While Coach Martelli does a good job demonstrating and teaching his drills and his basic practice philosophy, I would have liked to have seen him expand on how he develops his practice plan in more detail. This video also doesn't show any of St. Joe's pre-practice preparation or techniques either. In short, the video is heavily slanted toward showcasing drills rather than detailing practice preparation.

The video is well done, but lacks in a few areas. There are better investments available to coaches who are looking to learn more about practice preparation and team drills.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

3-Out, 2-In Zone Offense

By Gary Garner
Reviewed 2/8/02
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 4 Star

This 42-minute video is the work of current Southeast Missouri State coach Gary Garner, who led Fort Hays State to a national championship at the NCAA Division II level in the mid-90's.

In this video, Coach Garner teaches the zone offense that he has used to combat 2-3, 3-2 and 1-3-1 zones on the college level. The offense is extremely simple and the rules for the offense are very basic…common to all zone offenses.

Still, the offense does seem very promising. The offense is designed to create ball side overloads by bring post players to the high post area and to the ball side short corner. Guards can feel the high post area, replace, or move to the open area of the court.

Some of the teaching points taught in the video are as follows:

  • Play behind the zone.
  • Push ball to baseline to flatten the zone.
  • Don't come in to the high post unless you can catch the ball.
  • Penetrate when the defense is coming back at you.
  • Follow the skip pass.

The 3-Out, 2-In Zone Offense is a good video for coaches who want to implement a simple zone offensive attack…especially for those coaches who have effective high post options.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Oak Hill's Defensive Intensity Drills

By Steve Smith
Reviewed 2/10/02
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 3 Star

Coach Steve Smith takes you inside his highly successful Oak Hill Academy program in this 40-minute video showcasing his defensive intensity drills.

In this video, Coach Smith takes you through over 20 drills, including his "6-in-1-Drill" that incorporates wing denial, closing out, on ball defense, defending the post and post flash in one drill. The drills require a variety of players, ranging from 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 man drills.

Also, in this video, Coach Smith demonstrates how he teaches his players to play down screens, back screens and cross screens. Shell drills are also showcased, which are the hub of many a coach's defensive practice sessions.

The content of this video is not ground breaking. In fact, coaches at all levels utilize many of these drills. However, Coach Smith does a great job in presenting these drills and suggesting what coaches should look for when evaluating their players as they perform these drills. This video is especially recommended for beginning coaches or for those who merely wish to reevaluate their defensive drill package.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

How to Run the 3-Out 2-In Offense

By Fran Dunphy
Reviewed 2/12/02
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 2 Star

"How to Run the 3-Out 2-In Offense, a 42-minute video by Fran Dunphy showcases the offense that has allowed Coach Dunphy to develop the University of Pennsylvania into one of the most successful programs in college basketball in the last half decade.

This offense is centered on the belief that all five offensive players must be threats to score, and good three point shot opportunities must be utilized. Coach Dunphy, as the backbone of this offense, preaches:

  • Players must be a threat to score.
  • Players must keep floor balanced at all times.
  • Players must read the defense effectively.

Coach Dunphy breaks down this offense into 3 on 0 and 2 on 0 segments, teaching the requirements and movements of the perimeter players and the post players. Continuing to show how to build the offense, Coach Dunphy demonstrates how to set up the offense out of transition and out of a 1-4 offensive set. This video does a good job of teaching a basic 3-2 offense. The 3-2, as taught by Coach Dunphy, would be ideal for a youth or high school team, with versatile players. However, experienced coaches really looking to expand their thoughts on the 3-2 might be disappointed with the general simplicity of the video.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

The Rotation Zone Offense

By Fran McCaffery
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 4 Star

Former Notre Dame Assistant Coach and current UNC-Greensboro Head Coach, Fran McCaffery, teaches his primary zone defense that he has used for over two decades as a coach in this 40-minute video.

This simple, flexible offense begins in a 3-2 set and rotates into a 1-3-1 look with a high and low post player. In this video, Coach McCaffery details how the offense can be run as a zone continuity as well as indicates the various scoring options available for each position as well as showcasing how the offense can be adapted depending on personnel. Coach McCaffery goes a step further and teaches some drills that can be used to further help players adjust to this offensive look.

From a coaching standpoint, this offense has multiple inside and outside scoring options as well as a variety of counters depending on how the defense adjust to the rotation of the offense. The offense takes advantage of two of the most areas of the court when attacking a zone defense, the high post and the short corner, all while giving opportunities for guards to penetrate and spot up for open jump shots. The Rotation Zone is a simple offense that offers a lot of opportunities for a versatile team and a creative coach.

To order, please visit the Championship Books and Videos website by clicking on their link on the right hand side of this page.

Championship Defense

Edited by Michel Podoll
Reviewed 1/31/02
Price: $18.95 book
Rating: 5 Star

“Championship Defense” is the latest offering from Winning Hoops, a division of Lessiter Publications, Inc.

This 160-page book is comprised of articles and strategies of over 40 coaches, “Championship Defense” is designed to help coaches at all level learn and teach all defensive aspects of the game.

This book is also divided into six chapters, allowing coaches to find a specific defensive strategy quickly and efficiently. The chapters are broken down into the following:

  • Defensive Frame of Mind
  • Full-Court Defense
  • Three-Quarter Court Defense
  • Half-Court Defense
  • Set Defense
  • Specialties

Also, “Championship Defense” contains 51 individual defenses. Some of the defenses that are addressed are, Traps, Man-to-Man, Zones, Pressure, Rotating, Post Double-Team, End of Game and 3-Point Shot.In short, any defensive set and strategy is sure to be addressed within these pages.

Once again, Winning Hoops has produced a quality basketball book that though simple in its approach, contains a wealth of information that can help make and basketball coach a “defensive guru.” Coaches that are truly looking to add to their defensive knowledge would get a heads up on the competition by adding “Championship Defense” to their basketball library.

You can order “Championship Defense” by visiting the Winning Hoops website at

Basketball: Coaching for Success

By Bob Hill
Reviewed 12/28/01
Price: $16.95 book
Rating: 3 Star

The current coach at Fordham University and past coach of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, Bob Hill hits home in his first book project, “Basketball: Coaching for Success.”

Chapters include A Philosophy of Basketball Coaching, A Philosophy of Success including Twelve Traits of Successful Teams, A Philosophy of Defense and Offense (both with illustrated drills), A Philosophy of Handling Special Situations and Suggestions for Coaches’ Continuing Education. There are a surprisingly large number of drills scattered throughout the book to help coaches learn how to teach the techniques that Coach Hill advocates.

The book is an insight into the coaching philosophy of Coach Hill and the chapters are designed to help iron his points home. The material is well presented and covers a wide array of basketball strategies and schemes.  The best aspect of this book is that if forces the reader to ponder and question many of their own philosophies as they read through the material.

While this isn’t the best general coaching book available (Dean Smith’s “Basketball Multiple Offense and Defense” still leads in our opinion), “Basketball: Coaching for Success” is certainly worth reading for any coach looking to reevaluate their own way of teaching the game to their players.

To order, please visit the Coaches Choice website at

Coaching Match-Up Defense

By Bob Huggins
Reviewed 12/28/01
Price: $16.95
Rating: 2 Star

Another book in a long choice of titles by Coach Huggins and The Art & Science of Coaching Series, this book details two popular Match-Up Zone alignments and the X’s and O’s that make these defenses successful.

To begin with, this book only addresses half-court defenses, so coaches looking for the Match-Up full court press should steer away from this title. However, the fact that this book limits itself to half court defenses does not limit its content.

In “Coaching Match-Up Defense”, Coach Huggins details the 1-1-3 and the 1-2-2 Match-Up Zones. Also added are sections that teach how to drill the fundamentals of these defenses, how to make adjustments from your Match-Up Zone, and how to evaluate your Matchup.

The book is easy and interesting to read, full of great tips and strategies for implementing either of these defenses. However, I feel that the book should list other Match-Up alignments, such as the 2-3 so that beginning or interested coaches can get a better grasp of the variety of Match-Up options there are out there. In short, there are better books on this subject out there if one looks hard enough.

“Coaching Match-Up Defense” is best suited for the coach already knowledgeable on these types of zones and is looking for a fresh perspective from one of the games most noted teachers.

To purchase this book, go to

Winning Basketball Drills from NABC Coaches

Edited By Jerry Krause and James Conn
Reviewed 12/28/01
Price: $17.95 book
Rating: 4 Star

The sequel to the popular “NABC Drill Book” by the same editor, this book picks right up where its predecessor left off.

“Winning Basketball Drills from NABC Coaches” is a compilation of 82 basketball drills (20 less than the previous book) from college coaches all across the nation.  Some of the contributing names the typical coach will recognize, some they won’t. Rest assured, however, that all of the drills are based in the fundamentals and can be used to help a coach on any level coach, from youth to veteran.

“Winning Basketball…” is divided into four categories to aid the reader in locating drills in a particular area of need. The categories are:

  • Fundamental Drills
  • Offensive Drills
  • Defensive Drills
  • Combination Drills

In addition, there is a chapter at the beginning of the book that is designed to help coaches choose drills that implement their program. This chapter is especially helpful for beginning coaches and is headlined by the Hall of Fame coach, the late Ralph Miller.

This book, though not consisting of as many drills as its predecessor, is a better investment in our opinion because of the book’s layout and simplified diagrams.

To order, visit

Pete Newell’s Defensive Basketball: Winning Techniques and Strategies

By Pete Newell
Reviewed 12/28/01
Price: $16.95 book
Rating: 5 Star

Popular author and Hall of Fame coaching legend, Pete Newell, shares his insights into the defensive points of the game in the book “Pete Newell’s Defensive Basketball: Winning Techniques and Strategies.”

The best thing about this book is the fact that any coach who reads what Coach Newell has to say about the defensive side of the ball is sure to take away something they can use with their own teams and programs. Though it has been awhile since Coach Newell has prowled the sideline, his thoughts are still as valid today as they were 20 years.

There are many great defensive books out there, Bobby Knight and Mike Krzyzewski videos being the popular choices for most coaches investing in defensive teaching videos. However, for a great complement in paperback, Pete Newell’s book is an excellent addition.

As stated earlier, the book is filled with a variety of great tips, suggestions and theories on defense. Some of the subjects covered among the book’s 11 Chapters include Assigned and Situational Defense, Zone Defenses, Rebounding, Transition Defense and Press Defense. The points mentioned in this book are simple, effective and vitally important to the success of any team defensively.

In short, the book is a must have for any coach to own. As Stanford Women’s Coach, Tara VanDerveer says in the book’s Foreword, “Pete Newell’s Defensive Basketball: Winning Techniques and Strategies is certain to become “the bible” of defensive-minded students/teachers of the game.

To purchase this book or other quality coaching products, visit the Coaches Choice at

Building an Aggressive Transition Attack

By Pat Summitt
Reviewed 12/28/01
Price: $29.95 video
Rating: 4 Star

Tennessee Women’s Coach, Pat Summitt, shares her system for putting continuous pressure on a defense in the open court in this 57-minute video available through Coaches Choice.

The video begins with the Tennessee primary break and flows into their secondary break. The on-court instruction details special screens to open up shots along the perimeter, as well as special plays to open up back-door opportunities and solid low-post scoring angles. Coach Summitt shows how these breaks can be customized to fit player strengths and how either can be initiated off made or missed shots.

   A partial list of topics this video covers are:

  • Transition
  • Breakaway 3-on-2 drills
  • Primary fast break
  • Point guard responsibilities
  • Lanes for each position
  • Long diagonal passes
  • Secondary break scoring options
  • Counters
  • Inbound plays

In addition, Coach Summitt does a good job stressing the importance of spacing and what to look for in transition basketball. While the experienced coach may find this video a bit repetitive, any coaches are sure to be able to take something from Coach Summitt and apply it to their own program. For new coaches, this video would be a great addition to your coaching library, giving you the basic fundamentals to start planning your transition attack.

To add this video to your coaching collection, go to

The Tenets of Team Defense

By Shane Dreiling
Reviewed 12/24/01 by Michael Wells (
Price: $30.00 book
Rating: 5 Star

Coach Dreiling has put together a 12 chapter book on team defense that is a "must order" for all basketball coaches. This well organized manual has everything a coach will need to improve their team defense. Coach Dreiling presents the information in a well-organized method. Both the experienced coach and the rookie coach will be able to use this teaching device for their program.

   Just some of the things you will receive from this book are:

  • Complete Philosophy of Defense - including rules, signals, objectives....
  • Transition Defense - a greatly neglected teaching item by many coaches is now covered very well in this book.
  • Man-to-Man Defense Techniques - fighting through screens, covering the cutter, defending the post player, ballside helpside rules....
  • 2-3 Match-Up Zone Defense - rules and diagrams.
  • Pressure Defenses - presses, traps, blitzes....
  • Gimmick Defenses - triangle and two, Chaser 1-3, Point Zone...
  • Defensive Evaluation

The key to winning basketball games day in and day out is having good team defense. If you are a basketball coach serious about improving your game - I totally recommend buying this book for your program.

Visit the TeamArete web site at and to purchase this item.

Building a Championship Defense

By Pat Summitt
Reviewed 12/19/01
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 3 Star

This tape, by the legendary women's coach at the University of Tennessee, is a great teacher of the fundamentals of defense for the beginner coach or for those looking to refresh or reevaluate their own teaching techniques.

In this 47-minute tape, Pat Summitt teaches the defensive techniques and philosophies that have helped her win six NCAA national titles while at Tennessee. Coach Summitt goes over the responsibilities for each position and gives some great suggestions for break down drills and changing the look of what you can run with your defense.

The defensive topics covered are:

  • Backcourt
  • Halfcourt
  • 1 and 2 Pass Away
  • Guarding the Low and High Post
  • Screens
  • Playing Together
  • Game Situations

This video might sound like a rehashing of basic fundamentals for the experienced coach, however, Coach Summitt forces the viewer to reevaluate what they teach and how they teach it. If you are open to learning the basics from one of the games best teachers, than this tape is well worth adding to your library.

You can order this tape at

The Spread Triangle Offense

By Muffet McGraw
Reviewed 12/19/01
Price: $39.95 video
Rating: 4 Star

In this 53 minute tape from Coaches Choice, coaches at all levels are introduced to the offensive system developed by Muffet McGraw that allowed her to lead her Notre Dame women's team to the 2001 NCAA National Championship.

As the name suggests, The Spread Triangle Offense is a combination of both the Triangle and Spread offenses. Coach McGraw shows how she has taken the best of what both these offenses have to offer and adapted it to her own taste. Through the course of the video, Coach McGraw teaches player positioning, continuity, the two-person game and mismatch opportunities. She also shares quick hit options, break down drills for the offense and plays out of the secondary break.

This is a great tape for teams looking to run an offense suited to a perimeter-oriented team, or a team limited in terms of post play. The Spread Triangle Offense is a motion offense that can be used to take time off the clock or look for quick scoring situations. The tape shows how this offense allows coaches to dictate what players get scoring opportunities and where they opportunities will occur. For coaches that like the Triangle, but are a bit concerned with its complexities or it's lack of specific scoring opportunities by coaches, than this tape is an excellent option!

To order, please visit

Motion Game Offenses For Men’s and Women’s Basketball, 3rd Edition

By Harry Harkins and Jerry Krause
Reviewed 12/13/01
Price: $16.95 book
Rating: 3 Star

One of the most complete offensive sets books you will find, Harry Harkins and Jerry Krause introduce the reader to over nine offensive sets in their book, “Motion Game Offenses for Men’s and Women’s Basketball.”

With each offensive formation, Harkins and Krause carefully outline the alignment and preferred requirements needed to run each offense successfully. In addition, basic motion continuity is shown as well as a variety of bonus plays and counters against a variety of defensive actions.

The diagrams are plentiful and easy to read and understand. Some of the offenses contained in this book are the Moving Stack Offense, the Flex-Plus Motion, the 1-3-1 Wheel Motion Game, and a Disciplined Flex Control Motion offense. Plus, there are five other offensive sets!!! This is an excellent book for coaches looking to expand their team’s offensive repertoire.

To order, please visit

Coaching the Match-Up Defense: By the Experts

Edited by Bob Murrey
Reviewed 12/13/01
Price: $16.95 book
Rating: 5 Star

This book provides coaches great insight into one of the games best defensive schemes through Coaches Choice’s popular “By the Experts” series. With 11 chapters by many of the games best teachers, any coach wanting to learn the details and varieties of this popular defense would be wise to start with this book.

As a fan and teacher of the Match-Up Zone, I found this book to be particular insightful to myself. All areas of the Match-Up Zone are discussed, including half court and full court situations. The large variety of coaches and material allow the reader to take something for their own use from each chapter. Coaches and subjects highlighted are Rick Pitino and the Match-Up Press, Don Meyer and the 1-1-3 Zone, Jim Bolla and the Amoeba Defense, Bill Green and the Match-Up Zone and many more!!

This book is a must for any coach looking to learn the varieties of the Match-Up Zone or for those coaches looking to perfect their own Match-Up philosophies.

This book can be purchased through

Motion Offense: The Principles of the Five-Man Open Post

By Bob Huggins
Reviewed 12/13/01
Price: $16.95 book
Rating: 4 Star

Another playbook in a series by Bob Huggins that are being promoted through Coaches Choice. This book details the Open Post offensive system made popular by Coach Huggins at the University of Cincinnati.

This book is designed to provide the reader with an overview of the motion offense as taught by Coach Huggins. With 13 chapters, the book goes into good detail explaining an offense designed for teams with quick, aggressive athletes lacking in size.

Coach Huggins does a good job showing a variety of breakdown drills that are used to teach the Five-Man Open Post as well as showing how this offensive system can be run from a variety of points on the floor.   While Coach Huggins mentions how the Five-Man can be a multiple offense, he fails to explain how this offense can be used to attack zones defenses. Nonetheless, a good overall read, especially for those looking to learn this offensive system from one of its great teachers.

You may purchase this book from

The High Low Triangle Offense

By Lason Perkins
Reviewed 12/12/01
Price: $19.90 book
Rating: 5 Star

This is another winning book through Basketball Sense by Lason Perkins. The High Low Triangle Offense presents an offense system that is a variation of the Triple Post Offense make popular by Tex Winter and a continuity offense.  It has the flexibility of motion and the structure of continuity that allows this offense to attack both man-to-man and a variety of zone defenses.

Inside the book, the basic alignments and patterns against man-to-man and zone defenses are explained in simplistic detail. Special adjustments are also outlined that can be used to get the ball to talented players on the perimeter or in the post. Initial half-court entries are covered as well as the very important drills that will help you teach and implement this high-powered offense. This is an outstanding playbook by one of the games best authors.

You can purchase the book through

The Open Post Offense

By Lason Perkins
Reviewed 12/12/01
Price: $12.95 book
Rating: 5 Star

The Open-Post offense is designed to for those teams who lack a true post player and need to take advantage of teams playing a man-to-man defense. yes">Basically a guard oriented offense, the Open Post is run with the post player along the perimeter.

There are four basic rules to this offense.

  1. Fill all five spots.
  2. A player must fill the open spot that is closest to the ball.
  3. Anytime you are overplayed when trying to receive a pass, cut to the basket.
  4. When the ball is dribbled towards you, you must cut to the basket.

The free throw line is referred to as the “Read Spot” and plays a critical role to the success of the Open-Post Offense. Anytime a player makes a cut from the wing to the top of the key, the player will cut to the Read Spot and decide to pop out or cut to the basket.

The book goes into more detail regarding the different options that can be run. The variety of available options are called the cutting series, the screening series, and the haze series which go into greater detail in breaking down the defense for scoring options. This is a playbook that is precisely to the point with no added words or fluff. Great reading for the coach looking for a new offensive system!!!

The book can be ordered through

Hoop Champs, Inc. Playbook

By Jay Monahan
Reviewed 12/12/01
Price: $119.90 book
Rating: 5 Star

While one might be initially scared away from this playbook because of the cost, the playbook contains enough information that this playbook is one of the best values on the market today. Designed by Jay Monahan, the playbook reveals the secrets that have allowed Coach Monahan to win over 84% of his games on the high school level.

Containing over 11 chapters of great diagrams and highly efficient plays for man-to-man offenses, gimmick sets, out of bounds situations, as well as a description of the AMMO pressure defensive system, Hoop Champs gives enough valuable information to help any coach with their X’s and O’s. yes">Coach Monahan also includes a 12 chapter designed to help coaches at all levels develop and run an excellent basketball day camp.

This playbook may be purchased at

SOS Pressure Defense Books and Videos

By Bob Kloppenburg
Reviewed 4/27/01
Price: $19.95 book, $29.95 video or $79.95 for the 3 videotape series.
Rating: 4 Star

SOS Pressure Defense book and video's fills a frustrating void in terms of the scarcity of professional material on this timely topic. Developed by former NBA coach, Bob Kloppenburg, Not only does it present a solid case for all-out man-man pressure as a basic system of defensive play, but it also spells out how to teach it in a logical step-step sequential teaching progression, covering every player’s position. From one-one individual skills to their total team application, SOS charts the whole teaching process through a clear cut narrative, extensive diagramming and key photos that highlight the essential SOS fundamentals. It is the most thoroughly written and video produced coverage of the topic yet presented and as such, contributes to the ever-growing need for guidance on the "D" dimension of the game.

To order the SOS Defensive book and or video, please visit

SWISH Shooting Products

By Tom Nordland
Reviewed 4/26/01
Cost: $29.95 book and video
Rating: 4 Star

Dear coaches,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tom Nordland and I’m a professional shooting coach. Thanks to TeamArete for allowing me to post this entry in the Product Review section of their website.

I have a website ( dedicated to the learning and coaching of Great Shooting. On it you'll find information on the problems with shooting in this country and the solutions I offer. From it, I market my highly acclaimed shooting video called “Swish - A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting.”

You can read their remarkable endorsements and testimonials for my approach to shooting, from the likes of the great Boston Celtic Bill Sharman and Coach Emeritus Pete Newell. I now coach shooting for all levels of the game from beginners to NBA players. I’ve written four major articles on “The Trouble with Shooting” for the Basketball Highway Website. I also publish a free monthly Shooting Newsletter that is currently subscribed to by over 1,200 coaches, players and parents.

Below are direct links to five Reviews of the Swish video. I think you’ll find them to be exceptional and give you an idea of how powerful this video is. Unlike most videos that you watch once, say “That’s interesting,” and then put on the shelf, this one can be viewed over and over and over. It is rich with information, demonstrations and a simple, concise and complete method of learning and coaching the great skills of shooting jump shots and free throws.

• Coach Ken Lindsay of Evansville, Indiana, who has the coaches' website called the "Basketball Coaches Corner."

• Dr. Jim Gels of Charlevoix, Michigan, who has the coaches' website called the "Coach's Clipboard":

• Guy Power of Power Basketball:
Guy says, "I have watched a lot of videos, and this one stands above the rest."

• Coach Michael Wells gives the Swish video an "A+" rating. His Website is:, and there's a link to his Review at the bottom of the Home Page.

• Alan Lambert, President of the Basketball Highway, the largest privately run website devoted to basketball in the world (

Click Here to Order SWISH Shooting Products

Championship Basketball Playbook

By Brad Winters
Reviewed 4/19/01
Cost: $39.00 book
Rating: 4 Star

As Brad Winters states on his website, (address listed below) this playbook is definitely designed to help any coach sell this winning program to their players, coaches and fans.

Containing over 50 pages, this playbook has a little of everything. It contains information for motivating athletes, goal setting, practice planning, conditioning and some excellent tips on basketball fundamentals. Of course, for you X's and O's types, this playbook also has information on Coach Winters' effective offensive and defensive schemes, complete with diagrams and easy to understand text.

I encourage coaches at all levels to give this book a look. Well done and very informative. I enjoyed it very much.

You can buy this playbook by going to Coach Winters' site at


TeamArete would like to recommend the following 5 Star books for their teaching and inspirational content. All are available from

A Coach for All Seasons by Morgan Wooten and Bill Gilbert
A Coach’s Life by Dean Smith w/ John Kilgo and Sally Jenkins
Beyond Winning by Gary M. Walton
Coach, The Life of Paul Bear Bryant by Keith Dunnavant
Coach’s Communication Playbook by Kathleen Hessert
Coaching and Control by William Warren
Coaching and Motivation by William Warren
Leading with the Heart by Mike Krzyzewski w/ Donald Phillips
Legendary Team Leadership by W. Woodin Peche w/ Pat Gray Thomas
Make the Big Time Where You Are by Frosty Westering
No Ordinary Joe, The Biography of Joe Paterno by Michael O’Brien
Reach for the Summitt by Pat Summitt w/ Sally Jenkins
Rockne of Notre Dame, The Making of a Football Legend by Ray Robinson
Sports Psyching by Thomas Tutko and Umberto Tosi
Success is a Choice by Rick Pitino w/ Bill Reynolds
Strive to Excel by Jennifer Briggs
The Art of War by Sun Tzu
The Book of Basketball Wisdom by Criswell Freeman
The Mental Edge by Kenneth Baum w/ Richard Trubo
The Smart Take from the Strong by Pete Carril w/ Dan White
The 12 Leadership Principles of Dean Smith by David Chadwick
The Winner Within by Pat Riley
They Call Me Coach by John Wooden w/ Jack Tobin
Upward Mobility in Coaching Basketball by Bill Foster
Values of the Game by Bill Bradley
When Pride Still Mattered by David Maraniss
Why We Win by Billy Packer w/ Roland Lazenby
Winning is a Habit by Gary George
Wooden by John Wooden w/ Steve Jamison



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