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Preparing for your Coach’s Interview

By Shane Dreiling & Steve Jordan (


  1. Men, dress nicely to show respect for the job and the people taking the time to interview you. Slacks, coat and tie should be appropriate. Ladies ... you know better than me.
  2. Speak clearly and personably. Look everyone in the eye and be conversational. If you're nervous, that's normal. Take your time. It will really help if you're prepared. Try to anticipate some questions that may be asked and have solid answers ready.
  3. Remember to put the kids first. Sure, you are interviewing for your job, but the whole point is to help students. If that is your motive, it will show through. If you are worried about money, your win/loss record, your history as a player... that will show through, too.
  4. Don't be afraid to deviate from the script if you sense an important issue. Perhaps they are looking for someone who is bold and willing to share opinions.
  5. Do not denigrate the other candidates or the previous coach. You will appear negative and mean. This is an important job that needs a positive person.
  6. Ask the chief interviewer what he/she is looking for in a successful candidate.
  7. If you don't get the job, don't doubt yourself. There may have been a wide range of characteristics that were considered. Maybe the things you're best at weren't the most important for this particular position. Maybe the other candidates are very good, too.
  8. If unsuccessful, be graceful. Don't bad mouth the new coach, the process or the administration. If you still want to be a part of the program, try to help in a different way.

Interview Questions:

  1. Describe your priorities as a coach and a person?
  2. Describe your program’s overall philosophy?
  3. What role does academics play in your program and in your role as a coach and how do you help ensure your players get the most out of their abilities as student-athletes?
  4. What are your rules and regulations as a coach and how do enforce these rules and regulations?
  5. Briefly describe your coaching experiences at various competitive levels with High School age athletes.
  6. Describe experiences that you have had supervising coaches. What criteria would you use to judge the merits of assistant coaches?
  7. Describe your coaching strategies with respect to practice and competition.
  8. What criteria would you use to select student athletes into team levels such as Varsity, Junior Varsity, and C Team? How will you communicate the criteria to students and parents before tryouts? How will you communicate the results to the students and parents, especially students that are cut from the tryouts?
  9. If you were selected as the Head Boys Basketball Coach, how would you arrange coaching/practice time between the various levels of student athletes?
  10. How do you organize your off-season conditioning programs and what does it consist of?
  11. What do you think of basketball players that wish to play multiple sports and how would you handle this potential situation?
  12. How often will you have parent/team meetings and will your practice sessions be open to them and others.
  13. How would you handle multiple coaching instructions from assistants, parents, and others, if they were different from you own?
  14. What additional team rules and expectations will you have beyond School District rules and State High School Rules? How will these rules be communicated to students and parents?
  15. Describe discipline matters that you have had to handle during your role as a coach.
  16. Describe how you will fund raise to support the Boys Basketball program? How will you include parents, booster club, and students?
  17. How would you handle criticism from parents, students, fans, and community members?
  18. Student safety is of primary importance in all sports. What safety issues are you aware of with respect to this basketball and what do you believe your role will be in ensuring student safety?
  19. Why would you be the best candidate for this position?
  20. Will your schedule be flexible enough to maintain practices between 2:30pm until 8:OOpm?
  21. Will your schedule be flexible enough to be present for all practices and competitions for the entire season, including the Region and State Meets?

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